Master Energy Workers Set

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Master Energy Workers Set

60 flower essences to support energy healing work

For help in rebalancing body, mind & spirit when working with subtle energy frequencies on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.


Flower Essences Included:

  • Bear Lodge – For feelings of being undermined and unrespected... helps one to align with the strength of the Spirit and regain one's balance, confidence & power.
  • Beauty Bush – For overly dependent behavior. Supports development of self-confidence and appropriate maturity, while rooting practicality & perseverance.
  • Bee Balm – Over ecstatic, unable to come down to earth... lost in the Divine Headaches... poor bodily processing of spiritual.
  • Bird Energy – Extremely helpful to energy workers in repairing the aura field.
  • Black Canyon Juniper – Very protective... provides one with appropriate shielding from negative energies while safeguarding against forces that drain one's spirit and energy.
  • Black Canyon Sage – Helps one feel Divine protection while grounding one with an ability to connect to inner peace, guidance & clear, rational judgment in new or challenging situations.
  • Black Hills White Sage – Helps one to purify dark emotions or unclean thoughts. Cleansing and protective to mind, body, emotions and personal space.
  • Chalk Pyramids – Helpful when one is feeling drained or eroded by life's trials and stresses... allows one's inner ears to open to the vibrations of the Earth, helping one to feel more stable by reconnecting to the Earth's wisdom. .
  • Cleavers – calms the need to talk excessivelyhellip; Supports attachment and appropriate bonding, keeping relationships flowing and love strong.
  • Comfrey – Supports us in healing our relationship to our ancestry and our people's history & natural soil.
  • Corncockle – Restores pranic energy (life breath) to ease tired, depleted, worn-out conditions due to overwork or lack of play and rest.
  • Dame's Rocket – Helps develop spiritual sensitivities to higher & clearer frequencies while strengthening one's communication with Spirit.
  • Dayflower – For those who present only the good aspects of their self and are unable to acknowledge their darker side.
  • Fairy Lantern – Helps restore trust in self & the Universe for those lost in obsessive worry, deep despair & paralysis in facing life decisions.
  • Fireweed – Brings its healing essence to those who are feeling stressed or burned out from life trials & emotional challenges.
  • Fountain of Youth – Helps one to move through emotional or developmental blocks that have interrupted the normal maturation process.
  • Grapefruit – For releasing the body's surface tension & thus improving the mind's focus.
  • Green Ephedra – Instills a better understanding of one's past life experiences, unblocking patterns that can be the source of addictive or repetitive behavior.
  • Healing Waters – Supports deep healing & transformation in all areas of one's life.
  • Indian Pipe – Suits a thin, pale and cool or even clammy constitution. Poorly incarnated and sometimes hosting a dark sense of humor. Lacking in healthy compassion and vitality. Fosters vitality and humanity.
  • Jack Pine – Helps one let go of a preconceived agenda, trust in intuitive guidance and gracefully make adjustments in plans accordingly.
  • Jupiter Return – For graceful expansion of energy, with perimeters stretching to hold the fullness.
  • Lake Superior Hue – For exhaustion or depletion... helps to restore color frequencies and energetic vibrancy to the aura, allowing the physical body to rest and revitalize.
  • Lake Superior Rock – Brings balance to busyness... for helping meet the challenges of doing so much & having to constantly reorient.
  • Lilac – A general remedy for many causes of stress that contribute to neck, shoulder or lower back tightness & overall nervous tension & stiffness.
  • Luciferian – Assists one in working with issues of explosive anger. Encourages one to find the source of one's feelings and then to use one's fiery passionate forces to create change peacefully.
  • Monkshood – Helps to stabilize and calm the emotional body after exposure to frightening, shocking or embarrassing situations.
  • Montana Prairie – Clears the old, allowing for fresh healing energy to be received.
  • Moss – Supports recovery & healing on all levels, releasing negative patterns & self-defeating habits as well as our need to be self-critical.


  • Motherwort – For appropriate nurturing of the self & soothing the stress of worry that comes from over-concern for another's welfare.
  • Nirvana – Teaches the value of action & reaction.
  • November Feverfew – Calming release from nervous tension when too reactive to outside events.
  • November Lavender – Especially helpful to those with an oversensitive nervous system who have trouble staying grounded in their physical body and may suffer from nervous affectations.
  • November Phlox – Helps to strengthen communication while clearing confusion.
  • Orange Daylily – Over control (Give this to your step-mother before she plans your wedding!)
  • Pokeweed – for strength, fortification and endurance
  • Rosa Rugosa – Works with the profound levels of emotion that permeate one's being after traumatic loss.
  • Rose – Relaxes compulsive perfectionist impulses that can egg one on to do and redo.
  • Scorpionweed – Provides protection in situations of danger or attack.
  • Selenite – Helpful in accessing information from dreams and past lives.
  • Sipapu – For healing from birth trauma at core levels & grounding to Earth our bodies and our purpose.
  • Spiderwort – Beneficial in helping one to heal after verbal or physical attack. Works to create protection by sealing wounds in the energy field.
  • Spotted Jewelweed – Activates energy when one is stuck and unable to move forward.
  • Spring Beauty – Works with feelings of impatience, intolerance and rage.
  • Squirrel Corn – Helps to restore expressiveness & full giving through the heart by healing the grief & pain held in the heart's memory.
  • St. Johnswort – Dispels negative thought forms that erode our happiness & innate positive perspective... restores light forces, allowing joy to return.
  • Star of Bethlehem – Assists in the remembering then the healing & releasing of episodes of trauma and wounding from our past.
  • Tall Wormwood – Helps one to release the tiny daily struggles & emotional wounds that create such stress & heaviness in the heart... supports us in releasing patterns of repetitive illness.
  • Trillium – Protection from physical or psychic attack.
  • Viburnum – Sets up clear energetic boundaries and protection.
  • White Vervain – Helps keep us aware of our surroundings and safety.
  • White Water Lily – Offers those with a dreamy psychic nature a sense of protection & trust in the physical... helps one's physical, mental & spiritual ground on the Earth plane, into the here & now.
  • Wichita Medicine – Especially helpful to energy workers, mothers, fathers and other healers who use their hands to channel healing energies.
  • Wood Betony – Helps one to work with the cycles of one's life in a balanced and respectful way.
  • Yellow Paintbrush – For those with a strong connection to the Spiritual world to better attune to the needs of their physical body.
  • Yellow Saxifrage – Offers help for those who have been victim to acts of abuse, abandonment or violence.
  • Yellow Yarrow – A protection to help balance the fire energy of fevers.
  • Yellowstone River – Supports one in a time of release when one is being asked or forced to let it all go for the purpose of higher evolution.

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