Indian Pipe

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Indian Pipe

(Monotropa Uniflora)

Vitality, Compassion

Indications: Suits a thin, pale and cool or even clammy constitution. Poorly incarnated and sometimes hosting a dark sense of humor. Lacking in healthy compassion and vitality. The flower essence fosters vitality and humanity.

Eerie little albino Indian Pipe plants glow like an apparition along the darkest path in the forest. Colorless, they contain no chlorophyll. Thriving in the deepest woods, they do not need sunlight to grow. Pollination, picking, or even bruising the plant causes it to turn black and shrivel up to die. Forming a symbiotic relationship with neighboring plants and fungi that break down organic matter around its roots, Indian Pipe survives on the already digested food offered by its neighbors.The intrepid spirit of these little ghosts growing in a bog near Blue Lake in Northwestern Ontario is undeniable. One wonders what primordial sin this weirdly beautiful little plant had committed to be banned from sunlight, stripped of color, and made to depend on others for nourishment.

According to Cherokee legend, Indian Pipe came into this world as the result of human selfishness. Disputing Chiefs had come together in council to settle their arguments over hunting and fishing territories. They continued to quarrel while smoking the peace pipe for seven full days and seven nights. Because the sharing of the pipe was a sacred ritual to be practiced only after a harmonious agreement had been reached, the Great Spirit was angered and created Indian Pipe to look like old men with their heads bowed.

Indian Pipe essence can play an important role in helping to bring a sense of life and vitality to one deficient in adequate warmth and earthly nature. Often poorly incarnated, with a pale, cool, or even clammy constitution, they lack healthy compassion and frequently host a dark sense of humor, if not, in truth, struggling with depression. Those in need of the healing qualities of Indian Pipe flower essence may be loners who prefer to stay indoors and out of the sun. They can even go for days hardly eating, washing or taking care of their physical needs, engrossed in a project that captivates their interest. Their uncared-for body may be either exceedingly thin or overweight from lack of true attention. Thinkers, they may be brilliant or even verge on genius in one -- or even many -- subjects. But their strength in mental abilities is, unfortunately, not balanced with a healthy, feeling life, and they may be moody, or even turn dark as they isolate in their disconnection. It is possible for them to invite, or hold a fascination towards, darker energies. They can ultimately become a channel for negative influences. 

The Indian Pipe flower essence emphasizes the importance of developing a healthy relationship with the physical world and a respectful affinity with the life force. Nurturing a capacity for empathy, the soul learns to connect with and respect the others that support his/her life and well-being. This is an amazing essence to help one through a period of isolation and darkness,
aiding one in returning to the Sun and their inherent humane and caring self, a self that recognizes its affinity both to the All and to the Sacredness of Self.

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