Black Canyon Juniper

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Black Canyon Juniper

 (Sabina scopulorum)

Common names: Rocky Mountain Red Cedar, Mountain Cedar, Canyon Juniper


Indications: Very protective... provides one with appropriate shielding from negative energies while safeguarding against forces that drain one's spirit and energy.

The essence of Black Canyon Juniper imparts the Wisdom and Etheric Strength of the ancient Juniper Trees growing at the sacred Canyon’s edge in western central Colorado. This Canyon is sheer and dramatic......its hard Proterozoic crystalline cliffs plunging 2,722 feet not in stages, but rather straight down. The Junipers’ adaptation to life on the sandy, wind-swept, sun-scorched top has caused their branches to grow into gnarled, artful sculpture, gracefully holding firmly to their placement, etched in form by the ravishes of the wind and weather. The Ute held this canyon as the Sacred Home of the Spirits, believing that the Canyon held an energy too powerful and too pure for man to enter.

The flower essence of Black Canyon Juniper was made at sunrise on a ledge overhanging the Canyon’s north rim, the narrowest and deepest location in the 53-mile Canyon’s edge. The river was thundering wildly below in the moody terrain of a canyon bottom where lack of sunlight shrouds areas in perpetual shadow. As the rising Sun’s first light hit the essence bowl, the trembling water and crystal bowl reflected shafts of rainbow light moving across the Canyon and sparkling down into the shadowy depths of its bottom. The essence of the Black Canyon Juniper is especially helpful to those whose strong compassionate forces and open hearts are unprotected from emotional or energetic vampires who can leech energy from those with good and caring natures. Unbalanced, overly sympathetic forces may cause you to take on another’s anger or problems, absorbing negativity as a way of dissipating it. That anger or predicament may then cause you to experience dramatic health problems, financial drain or mental anguish,while the vampire just feels better, powerful and ready to do it again.

As the pattern repeats and progresses, you may find yourself falling into the abyss over and over again, unbalanced and unable to see the situation with any power or clarity. The vampire feeding on your energies may actually grow to hate you, as through all your giving you have kept him from what he needs most –to face their own demon and come to a place of self-responsibility.Such codependent relationships abound in marriages, friendships, family or work relations where Karmic guilt may be one of the factors attracting the dysfunctional relationship.The essence of Black Canyon Juniper flower essence helps you to more protectively define your energetic and emotional body, holding intentional strength and awareness around the heart.....that allows you to offer healing and strength without taking on another’s problem or predicament. This essence is also helpful as a protective essence when you needs to call upon Angelic guardians to shield you from dark energies or spiritual vampires.Black Canyon Juniper essence offers the Wisdom of the Trees that have protected this sacred Canyon for eons.

 Rooted Rooted dangerously close to the sheer drop-off of the Canyon’s edge, the trees offer stability while forming the energetic Guardians you need to keep your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical bodies protected and your intuitive faculties in balance as you walk the edge of dangerous situations and relationships.

This member of the cypress family, the Juniper Tree, grows at the edge of the Black Canyon in Gunnison National Park. It is claimed that no other canyon in North America combines such startling depths & narrow opening & sheer walls.

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    Black Canyon Juniper

    Posted by Martha Hill on Mar 2nd 2023

    I have found this essence to be a guardian spirit protecting me from those seeking to take advantage of me. With its help I have come to better recognize codependence situations and remove myself from them.

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