Wichita Medicine

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Wichita Medicine

Healing Hands

Indications: Especially helpful to energy workers, mothers, fathers and other healers who use their hands to channel healing energies.

This flower or earth essence is supportive to those who wish to work with and enhance their abilities to channel healing energy through their body and especially their hands. It helps you to center in the strength of a pure heart that can expand to encompass the intense vibrational connection with life energies. 

Your natural connection to the Earth is strengthened, and your ability to draw energy from the Earth is enhanced. This allows you focused and coordinated vibrations in healing work, improving your capacities
to channel the deeper energies for hands-on healing techniques. The essence helps to release subtle or subconscious fears that divert life force in confusing and disruptive patterns. It helps reduce tendencies to draw upon your own physical energy, tendencies that leave you depleted.

 Millenniums ago the Wichita Mountains were the highest range in the world. Native American belief holds strong in the healing power of the waters of Medicine Creek, which flows through the land here, and the inherent power of the Spirit of the rocks and the Earth force in this special place. 

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