St. Johnswort

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St. Johnswort

(hypericum perforatum)

Common names: Saint John's Wort, Goat Weed, Klamath Weed, St. Johns-wort, Tipton Weed, Rosin-rose,

Melancholy & Depression

Indications: Dispels negative thought forms that erode your happiness and innate positive perspective... restores light forces, allowing joy to return.

St. Johnswort

Saint Johnswort flower essence dispels negative thought forms that erode your happiness and innate positive perspective.

The beautiful transference of sunlight through the flowers of this plant radiate goodness and innocence and can increase your understanding of light transference in your own body.

Achieving and maintaining luminance is often a misunderstood process. Rhythmic use of the muscles, such as in exercise, does create endorphins which add to your feeling of well being, but it can take increasing amounts of mechanical exercise to maintain sufficient levels to ensure happiness.

The body needs to move, muscles need to flex and energy needs to circulate within the physical and nonphysical bodies, but the process of restoration of inner light requires more than mere motion.

St. Johnswort is a temple of light, and for those who are unable to experience equilibrium, who struggle with melancholy, St. Johnswort essence opens the channels for inner nourishment and instills in you a whole people of beings that transmit light like sweet honey through your physical and emotional bodies.

As the light forces of the bodies are restored, joy returns and a contemplation of Nature’s wonders is gently restored. For it is only through a correct relationship with the community of beings that electrify all life that you may come to experience your own luminescence.

St. Johnswort blooms in mid-Summer..... opening in the Northern Hemisphere to full days of sunshine 
and to celebration on June 24 of St. John’s Day, marking the birth of Saint John the Baptist and Summer Solstice. 
This midsummer’s day in ancient times in Europe was a time to pay homage to water, fire and plants.

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