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Benefits of using Flower Essences

Flower essences offer you emotional, mental, and spiritual support to cope with and heal dysfunctional patterns that you encounter. Flower essences facilitate and ease the release of these long-held patterns. Flower essences are also extremely helpful in achieving balance in a stressful world. You are bombarded daily with the challenges of our times -- fast-paced technology, toxic environments, toxic relationships. Flower essences can help you all to center, focus, and live with a sense of peace.


What are Flower Essences?

All forms in nature -- all flowers, all plants -- have unique qualities. Flower essences are energetic, or vibrational, imprints of these forms. This energy is similar to music or art, which carry vibrational meaning through the vehicle of sound or light. Being outside in a nature you experience the life energy or vibrations of the setting around you. The vibrational meaning or intelligence  of flower essences is carried through the medium of water.


How Flower Essences work

Human beings are not just physical bodies, we also exist on emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. It is on these more subtle levels that flower essences work. Modern physics has known for nearly a century that matter and consciousness are intertwined. Flower essences work through this connection. Often, the essences will bring to consciousness that which is out of balance and awaken our internal strengths to guide us back into balance and healing. 


How Flower Essences differ from Essential Oils

A flower essence is water-based and contains only the energetic or vibrational properties of the parent substance. An essential oil is a concentrated, oil-based liquid containing the aromatic compound from a plant. Essential oils are produced by a distillation process (most frequently steam or water) using the leaves, stem, flower, bark or other element of the plant. Essential oils come in different grades. Therapeutic grade is the most pure and will not have pesticide residues or contain any synthetic oils.


How to use Great Lakes Sacred Essences Tinctures

Shake the bottle a few times before each use to " wake up " the energetic imprint. Take 3-4 drops in your mouth or add it to your drinking water. Placing it in your water bottle better ensures frequent contact with the essence throughout the day.You may also add drops to your bath, a fountain in your office, your cooking, your laundry, your body lotion or anything else that feels " right " as you are intuitively guided along the way.


How to use Great Lakes Sacred Essences Sprays

Shake the spray bottle before using. The sprays contain organic therapeutic grade essential oils as well as flower essences. Shaking both " wakes up " the essence and blends the essential oils. The flower essence combinations with the addition of appropriate essential oils in a spray form offer a whole new experience of flower essence use. Not only will you surround yourself, your aura and your space with the healing support and protection of the essences, you will also experience the amazing healing smells of the precious essential oils that will carry these healing frequencies into your body through your skin, and your lungs to your olfactory or the ancient part of your brain that is responsible for memory and longevity. 

Be prepared to be amazed, as the spray energetically charges the space around you, clearing negative patterns and creating supportive energies that allow you to heal and change. They also offer healing to other people coming into the space. You'll soon find that relationships become more harmonious.

So spray your bedroom, your work space, your car, your body, the corners of your house, any place of sickness, depression or anger, and expect a beautiful story of fantastic change and healing to unfold.


Frequency of use

How often and how long to use a tincture or spray depends on you. You can use them as often as you like. Every time you use the essence or spray your emotional body will be supported.

When you first begin using a particular essence, those energies or patterns that are out of balance may initially feel more intense. During the first week or two you may want to use the essence frequently (several times a day) to support the release of trauma, negative emotions, and old programming stored deep within the cellular memory. Though this can be uncomfortable, it is a good sign that the essence is working. You can take it as often as every few minutes during an intense phase. The intensity will settle and pass. Then, the truly beautiful support of nature can be realized as the frequencies of your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies lift to higher, clearer, more harmonious levels.


Can you overdose on Great Lakes Sacred Essences products?

No, you cannot overdose on them. 


Can children use Great Lakes Sacred Essences products?

Men, women, children, pets - even plants have been known to benefit. They are completely natural and safe to be used at anytime by the entire family. 


Is it safe to use Great Lakes Sacred products if you are pregnant?

 Yes, it is safe to use them during pregnancy. Midwives frequently administer flower essences and essential oils to their clients during both the pregnancy and birthing process. They offer gentle yet powerful support during such an energetically and emotionally charged part of the life cycle. Some of the essential oils used in the sprays have pregnancy warnings if used undiluted directly on your skin.  The sprays are sufficiently diluted with spring water and the amount absorbed through the skin when using the sprays, is minimal. If you have any concerns, we always advise that you talk to your doctor or midwife.


Can someone with alcohol sensitivity use Great Lakes Sacred Essences Products?

The brandy in Great Lakes Sacred Essences is organic. Many alcohol-sensitive clients have found that they do not react to this organic brandy the way they do other alcohols. In addition, the organic brandy is quite diluted in the Great Lakes Sacred Essences tinctures and even more so in the sprays. The tinctures can be applied to pulse points on the wrists and temples to avoid possible adverse reactions to the brandy. The sprays pose very little risk of an alcohol-sensitivity reaction since they are not ingested and there is only trace alcohol from the parent substance. Each person is different, however, and it is essential that you use your intuition as your guide.


Could you have an allergic reaction to Great Lakes Sacred Essences Sprays?

Some people have expressed concerns or asked questions about allergic reactions. Flower essences themselves will not create an allergic reaction as there is no physical matter to ingest or come in contact with. Regarding essential oils, David Stewart, Ph.D., D.N.M., addresses the possibility of allergic reaction in his book, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple: God's Love Manifest in Molecules:

"Occasionally, a person receiving essential oils claims to have had allergic reaction to them. Such claims are based on a faulty understanding of what constitutes an allergy. While some people occasionally react in an unpleasant manner to the application of an essential oil, such a reaction is never allergenic. Allergies tend to be permanent, often lasting a lifetime, while essential oil reactions are temporary. In fact, they are actually therapeutic and indicate the initiation of a cleansing, healing process.

Pure therapeutic grade essential oils are free from allergens. With few exceptions, allergens are proteins or polypeptides, both of which are composed of amino acids. (Pure organic therapeutic grade) Essential oils, however, contain no proteins, polypeptides, or amino acids and, thus, contain no potential allergens. In fact, one can be allergic to a particular plant, like fennel or goldenrod, but have no allergy to the essential oil distilled from the plant since the aromatic oil contains none of the plant proteins or amino acids. " pp. 451-452

Great Lakes Sacred Essences sprays are intended for spraying in the air rather than directly on the skin or over your head and breathed inas they shower around you. In addition, they are diluted with spring water. As a result, absorption of the oils is minimal. Cold pressed citrus oils -- which are technically not essential oils -- are sometimes included in a Great Lakes Sacred Essences spray. If you have an intolerance or allergy to citrus, we encourage you to trust your own judgment about use of the sprays containing citrus oils.


Can you use Great Lakes Sacred Essences sprays or tinctures while using herbal, homeopathic or allopathic medication?

Yes. There are no contraindications from using flower essences with other forms of treatment. Since they work on a more subtle vibrational level, flower essences do not interfere with herbal, homeopathic, or allopathic treatments. 


Can you use Great Lakes Sacred Essences products with other forms of healthcare modalities?

Yes. Great Lakes Sacred Essences sprays and tinctures work very well with other forms of healthcare such as psychotherapy, energy work, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, and chiropractic therapy. Practitioners in these fields are finding that using flower essences compliments their work. If you are a practitioner, we encourage you to consider integrating flower essences into your practice. If you are a client using any of these healing modalities, we urge you to consider using the essences in conjunction with your visits to assist your body in experiencing a deeper, more complete integration of the healing.


Do Great Lakes Sacred Essences tinctures or sprays lose potency when taken through x-ray machines and other electromagnetic fields?

No. Unlike homeopathic remedies, the essences can go through x-ray and other electronic devices unharmed. 


Do Great Lakes Sacred Essences tinctures lose their potency when taken with food or beverage?

Unlike homeopathics, flower essences do not lose their potency when taken with food or beverage. Also unlike homeopathics, they do not lose their potency when you are drinking coffee or using mint or mint-like products at the same time.