Orange Daylily

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Orange Daylily

(Hemerocallis fulva)

Common names: Common Daylily, Tawny Daylily, Tiger Daylily, Tiger Lily, Ditch Daylily, 

Overly Controlling

Indications: Feeling the need to control events, schedules  and others activities. 

The simple carefree beauty of the Daylily grows strong, tall and graceful in harmonious community. Its flowers bloom ~ but a day ~ knowing well that tomorrow will bring new buds and new flowers.

The Daylily essence is particularly beneficial to if you find yourself needing to obsessively plan and control daily events, activities and agendas. It's true that  you may have proven great skills in handling and arranging a myriad of details not only in your own life but also for family members, friends, colleagues or businesses.

This task-oriented focus creates a general excess of yang or masculine energy that can alienate or exclude others as the take-charge in you dominates and manipulates all aspects of an event or another’s schedule.
This need to control may come from an honest concern or a desire to help with truly loving intent. And, after all, the skills required for orchestrating complicated weddings, children’s soccer-piano-gymnastic schedule or elaborate vacations in Madrid are not easily tackled by everyone... nor are others’ choices always up to snuff with the high expectations of an expert planner.

The Daylily essence helps you to loosen up and adopt a more carefree, open and cooperative attitude. It assists in teaching you how to keep from alienating yourself from others by releasing your need for controlling and calculating the natural process and flow of the day’s happenings.

The Daylily essence can support you in opening your more feminine or receptive forces that allow for input and collaboration of ideas and direction, helping you to learn the benefits of group harmony while learning to relax in the back seat.



Daylilies are not considered true lilies. Instead, they comprise the genus Hemerocallis, a name derived from the Greek words hemera (“day”) and kalos (“beautifu”). The flowers of most species open at sunrise and wither at sunset, often being replaced by a bud on the same stem opening the next day. Originally from Japan, Orange Daylily has naturalized all over the Midwestern Lake regions. Often seen growing in ditches along country roads, it is also commonly planted in city gardens and extension lawns. 

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