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About Us


Our Mission 

To seek and find the healing energies of Nature. 

To listen, understand and translate the healing values offered by Nature’s energies. 

To go forth into the world with the essence gifts we are offered so they may help restore balance and wholeness to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of Mother Earth, her people, her plants, her animals and all sentient beings. 

To make the highest vibrational flower essences possible. 

To make the flower essences available to as many people as possible. 

To teach others how to use the flower essences. 

To support healers and caregivers by providing the powerful energies of Nature in an easy-to-use form that they can incorporate into their practices and lives.

To restore Nature's perfection to a fragmented world.


Our Story

Great Lakes Sacred Essences was born in 2002 when I (Merri) was being asked over and over again by surrounding plant Spirits to begin making essences. At first, I did not respond to the request because I believed that I was too busy raising 8 children who were all still at home, and I was running a busy healing practice of my own. Then miracles began happening around me. 

In mid-September my husband Robin and I were in our yard having a prayer together. During that prayer, I was trying to elude the voice of the Spirit repeating over and over in my ears, 
"Now we would like you to make essences of the flowers.” 

Annoyed, I whined back, "This is not convenient! Our kids are back in school now, I can't just go gallivanting around making essences. Find someone who is less busy! Besides it's autumn and there aren't many flowers left ....What do you want me to use, asters or mums?"

It was then, upset and defiant, that I opened my eyes to the miracle. Our cherry tree, which had been DEAD for over two years, was filled with LIVE BLOSSOMS, and in the middle of SEPTEMBER! I need you now, dear reader, to stop for a moment and take in the crucial parts: a Dead cherry tree Blossoming… in September no less – while other trees, live trees, will have no blossoms until springtime.

I burst into tears. "Robin," I whispered, "look at our cherry tree!" Stunned for a moment, he didn't recognize the miracle. Then he too, began to cry. It was then, at that humbling and emotional moment, that I completely -- with all my heart -- committed my energies to this amazing mission.

Fantastic, beautiful and challenging it has been! Miracles continued as both crabapple and pear trees put out their blossoms and fruit simultaneously in mid-October! I discovered flowers in my garden blossoming under five inches of snow in midwinter while others peaked their purple heads above the snow at temps of 8 degrees even after temperatures had dropped close to zero for a week. More miracles continued as more trees and flowers participated. Thus began our essence project. 

My husband Robin, our children, and the source Spirits (plant, tree, etc.) have all been integral to the making of these essences and bringing them to you. Called to make each essence, my family has traveled across the US and Canada, guided to the places, plants, and waters at the appropriate times to make the essences. Each source Spirit has also communicated its healing message, and these messages are recorded on our website . Nothing has been done randomly; all has been done with genuine prayer, love, respect and gratitude. 
At this point there are over 275 individual essences in tincture form. There are also 18 combination essence sprays containing several essences as well as organic essential oils. All of the essences are gifts from the Earth to help heal or balance the human emotional experience.
Our tinctures are stabilized with organic brandy distilled from a biodynamic (beyond organic) farm located high on a beautiful Mesa in Colorado. In making the sprays, I carefully source my exclusively pure organic or wildcrafted essential oils from small farms with the understanding that when you make a product, all of the energies that go into it must be not only botanically pure, but also energetically pure. If farm workers, who are closest to the plants, are being ill-treated or not compensated for their work, or the plants are not being respected, that energy of abuse will be present in the final product. Searching out the purest essential oils has led me to meet so many sweet, loving Plant and Earth caretakers along the way.

Every stage of making and bottling the essences is done with loving intent and by hand. Both family members and community members have helped us in bringing these essences out to the world. 

When the essences are sprayed over your head, you almost instantly feel better. When you drop a few drops of a tincture under your tongue and listen, you feel a shift in thought, feeling or consciousness. This is our offering --
  To gift you with a moment of peace in a world that has become harsh and unsupportive.
  To help you to return from a place of worry, overwhelm or frustration to inspiration, confidence and inspiration.
  To instill the emotional nutrients of Nature back into the Life and Soul of your body because YOU have an important mission to share with the world!

The more often you experience the essences – in spray or tincture form -- the more balanced your energy will become and the deeper the peace and joy will be embedded in your Spirit!  So far, we have no ad campaign or sales reps. The essences have been shared organically and lovingly, passing from one person to another. Our mission is to share these miracles and the beautiful healing energies of Nature with you. We so appreciate your willingness to use our essences and to share our blessing with others. 



Merri Walters

Working as an intuitive holistic health practitioner for the past 35 years has allowed Merri to work with both children and adults from all walks of life in her office and remotely worldwide. Known by some as a “healer’s healer,” she is well-practiced in herbology, homeopathy, flower essences, essential oils and native spirituality. As the mother of eight children, she is also well-practiced in life! Merri Walters has cared for humans, animals, and plants in a myriad of conditions, and she has amassed thousands of remedies to facilitate their healing.  Her deep connection to and love for nature, the earth, and the human and animal kingdoms propels her to work continuously to promote holistic approaches not only to the health of our bodies but to the health of our emotions, our spirit, and our societal and environmental well-being.

She has gained a vast body of experience, enabling her to intimately understand the multi- dimensional healing energies of nature and plants and to translate this information into coherent remedies for dysfunctional patterns. As she facilitates healing in others, Merri is guided by the spiritual energy and intelligence that is working through her and only considers herself a good listener and interpreter of this energy.   She believes that holistic health entails healing of the whole; all things are holy and must ultimately be addressed, loved, and restored to a harmonious state, or at some level we will all still be sick. As a tool in our holistic health medicine box, Merri believes we may have nothing more profound than the gift of flower essences that can gently, yet effectively, support change in deeply-rooted emotional patterns and pains.