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(Crocosmia aurea )

Common names: Falling Stars, Valentine Flower, Montbretia

Anger, Rage

Indications: Assists you in working with issues of explosive anger. Encourages you to find the source of your feelings and then to use your fiery passionate forces to create change peacefully.


Luciferian essence addresses that spewing, volcanic anger that comes from the depths of your being….. anger that can arise suddenly, seemingly demonically,
and lash out in toxic and uncontrollable fire.

Anger is a power source that can be used righteously in the world to affect change and challenge negativity. We live in a time when we are surrounded by irresponsible actions, lies, and the toxic consequences of our society’s poor decisions. 

In your attempt to become more sensitive, loving being, it is not possible to cut yourself off from the psychic energy of the community that surrounds you.

If you attempt to isolate or insulate yourself, there will come times when these two worlds collide and an explosion occurs. For some people this occurs daily….. they face the world with smiles and come home and lash out at their family for minor offences.

Luciferian essence works with this deep, red fire energy and the passion of our being. First, it helps to ground this energy with a deep rooting in the Earth,and then it connects this root chakra with the loving and compassionate energy of the heart.

Anger is our signal that something is not right. But the recipients of your anger are often innocent and undeserving of the fire. Luciferian essence helps you to look in all directions to find the source of your feelings. It encourages you to look deeply into your own heart and past and to compassionately hold your pain in a loving space.

Once we can clearly see, understand and know the truth of our anger, this essence helps us realign this energy righteously and peacefully.

Our communities and world are in desperate need of Martin Luther Kings to march forth, speak out against injustice, and clearly voice new vision. The Luciferian essence helps you to meet the demon within with forces of light, power and transcendence. And once you have this alignment in your life, you are able to direct this powerful energy out to heal your communities and become a passionate voice for change in our world.

The flowers of Luciferian (Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’) are typically described as flaming red. 
In the iris family, Crocosmia is native to grasslands in South Africa. 
Crocosmia derives its name from the Greek ‘krokos’ (saffron) and ‘osme’ (smell), 
referring to the saffron-like scent of the dried flowers when dipped in water.

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