September Cherry

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September Cherry


Indications: Transitional essence... for letting go of the old form and finding your Miracle.


Miracles are possible. Miracles surround us in every direction….. know this, feel this, he message of this September Cherry Blossom.

The Cherry Tree Story

The type of Cherry tree I planted to honor my two oldest sons live an average of 15-20 years a fact that I as a young mother did not know when I held ceremony placing both placentas beneath the tiny sapling roots the day I planted her in my garden in the early eighties. Now some 20 years later the tree lay dead with withered fallen leaves and brittle branches and for the last two years had stood a shrine that I had not chopped down because of my emotional attachment to her.

I’ve always believed in miracles, universal coincidences or synchronicities you might call them and my life has been full of them, really your life is full of them also, you may have just gotten so used to wonder you don’t see it anymore as the amazing miracle it is. Sometimes an event, possibility, or a near death experience “wakes you up” brings you back to your “senses” and you again “see, hear, touch and feel” -you are born anew. 

This is one such story. I had already been practicing as an intuitive naturopathic healer for over 20 years, I was well acquainted with flower essences and used them extensively in my practice. Plants and animals had communicated with with me my entire life and our family traveled extensively crisscrossing North America each year, camping on the land and praying with the Spiritual guardians, so it was no surprise to hear the “spirit voices” -they are continual conversations that I entertain daily.

 At the time I had been stubbornly fighting these spirit voices that had been hounding me for over a year because they were asking me to “make essences of the flowers” and I felt I was simply to busy and surely someone else could be found for this mission, when I found myself with Robin in our own garden in an open prayer with the Nature spirits and again the voices - “now we would like you to make essences of the flowers” Frustrated I cried “Enough already! It’s September my kids are in school (all eight of them!) I have a busy practice and a busier life” ashamed at myself for whining I still continued on irreverently and then with even more annoyance and defiance I added “it’s Fall! the flowers are leaving…..what do you want? Asters or Mums?” Shaken up and surprised by my own rebellious tantrum I opened my eyes to see our “dead” Cherry tree was covered in blossoms…. And as if a dead tree blossoming was not enough it was as I said September!!! Tears filled my eyes and more importantly -opened my heart. And it was this Miracle that changed me, propelling me with strength, courage and the commitment to say YES to the mission before me. “ I Will make essences of the flowers!” From this humbling, heart surrendering wonderous beginning the path of miracles opened before me…… and there have been many, many miracles along this enchanted highway indeed!

This is an essence for letting go of all your perceived ideas about how things should look and challenges you to see the miracles of possibilities before you. As the tree let go of it’s old life it blooms again against all the rules of Nature as we have known it.

Life can feel exhausting with all its demands and responsibilities, sometimes it seems like you have no choice but to fatigue yourself in an overwhelming continual march of obligations. As hard as you try, you cannot see another way.

The Cherry tree speaks to you of miracles, of new and unexpected possibilities. In order for you to access this though you must be willing to let go of the old form. The limitations you have created within your mind and reality that are keeping you trapped in a dying world of struggle and pain and to instead open up to your true gifts and project these into the world with newborn passion.

We live in a world of naysayers who are always ready to attack the faith and inspiration of others. If you believe them, they will knock you down and trample your dreams until they cause you to doubt your Sacred visions and obscure you from your Divine possibilities.

This essence will help to restore your faith and connect you to the miracles that allow you to blossom in your true radiance and power. It offers hope when you feel lost, worn out or unsure how you can really move forward. It offers new vision and possibilities to impossible situations.

It is an essence for times of transition, for moving on and starting something new. It is helpful for the young, for newborns and also for the old and tired that you may find hope, and say yes to all of the miracles before you.


There are many legends of Cherry Trees blooming miraculously in response to prayer. One is the King Arthurian story of Sir Cleges’  and the Christmas Cherries, a story originally handed down in poem and believed to be derived from older tale oral tradition. Our tree blossomed for almost three months, well into November and then presented us with Christmas Cherries. The miracle repeated for four years, the tree once also offering Spring Blossoms and cherries then losing all her leaves and going dormant for the summer and repeating the miracle each fall with three months of blossoms and then cherries in late December. An ice storm in February crashed the entire tree to the ground, splitting her trunk to the ground and scattering her brittle dry branches throughout our gardens. It was a last dramatic celebration of her good life and the healing she came to offer.

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