Spotted Jewelweed

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Spotted Jewelweed

(Impatiens capensis)

Common names: Jewelweed, Orange Balsam , Common  Jewelweed

Catalyst When Stuck

Indications: Activates energy when you are stuck and unable to complete projects or move forward.

The Spotted Jewelweed flower essence works with stuck, vacillating energy that keeps you from moving to the next level of an experience. Whether you are experiencing an episode of writer's block or has a history of resisting the inevitable movement of the universe, the Spotted Jewelweed essence can help restore potency by releasing the tension and fear that has accumulated around the situation. 

This fear may be accompanied by deep frustration or irritation at your core, as evolution and natural life stream of energies are blocked, leaving you with the feeling of being locked in a chamber where nothing can leave and at the same time unable to stop the movement of the outside world and its demands.

The Jewelweed flower essence helps you to loosen up and move forward by learning to trust in your own ability to connect to innate creative energy and allow what is natural to simply flow. As life currents are restored, your chakras begin to clear of accumulated static energy. Spotted Jewelweed essence can be helpful for many life processes or stages when you need a catalyst to help you break through inertia.

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