Teacher Set

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Teacher Set

36 flower essences to support teachers and students

For help in easing classroom tension and fostering an environment conducive to learning.


Flower Essences Included:

  • Beach Sunflower – The Beach Sunflower essence supports the child who comes from an unstable home or neighbor-hood where abuse or harsh situations may be prevalent. The essence instills self-support, sunny determination and the inner strength needed to heal oneself and become a healing presence amidst disharmony. It also supports the chemically sensitive or allergic child in unsupportive environments.
  • Beauty Bush – The Beauty Bush essence especially helps the sweet child who would like you to do everything for them. Their children are overly dependent and developmentally need a gentle push forward. The essence helps them fell more confident in themselves and less apt to ask for help as they begin to fell self motivated and more independent.
  • Bee Nettle – Helpful for the prickly child who may be confrontational or use harsh or inappropriate words towards others. Stabilizes the ego to feel more supported while helping to calm and rationalize the emotions. Aids both teachers and children in learning to respect and use "the word" as a holy force with the power to both create and to heal our realities.
  • Chicory – The Chicory essence benefits children who act out to get attention and continually redirect energy back to themselves. This self-first attitude precludes an ability to be of service, and actually prevents the self from receiving what it desires most-love and respect. Teaching self-fulfillment through personal service and devotion to others, the ego finds itself at last truly recognized, as personal neediness is replaced by feelings of self-honor and respect.
  • Church Rock – The Church Rock essence aids those children with an over physical temperament. Children who are unable to control outbursts of emotionally charged physical energy and who may poke at others shoving kicking or even biting. They may run around head-first in bursts of physical or confrontational action and have a hard time settling themselves in a classroom situation.
  • Columbine – Helps the child who looks different, thinks different or acts uniquely to recognize their own inner beauty. Fosters the strength, self confidence, and courage to be who they are while encouraging them to learn to shine their own light radiantly.
  • Desert Daisy – Helpful to the child who is highly attracted to or actually addicted to cultural media such as radio, television, video, or recorded music that keeps their ears, eyes, and mind distracted from the true intuitive messaging of nature. Calming to the mental and physical body releasing the nervous systems impulse to engage in diversionary activities. Once the mind and body learn to relax and be present, one can begin to receive guidance and make choices that better serve one's health and learning potentials.
  • Desert Plume – Supports task organization & defining one's goals... enhances self-confidence while imparting clear personal authority to be decisive & act from defined intent.
  • Elephanthead – Addresses those who are addicted to constant talking, electronic communication or noisy distraction that do not allow the nervous system to rest and reflect.
  • Evening Primrose – Helps one to feel deeply and to ensoul one's expression with the true emotions of one's experience.
  • Fountain of Youth – The Fountain of Youth essence is for the child who seems to be developmentally lagging behind the others or for the child who is pushing beyond her or his wisdom sexually or socially. The essence helps one's physical and emotional self come to a healthy balance with one's mental/spiritual development in an age appropriate manner.
  • Georgian Bay Spring – For loss of innate will when circumstance has caused one to "give away" ones power. Helps to reignite the strength of ones will to live, to thrive, and to be independent.
  • Goatsbeard – Encourages a more reflective, sensitive nature for those, especially adolescents, whose maturation process is locked into a rebellious, non-listening mode.
  • Grapefruit – For releasing the body's surface tension & thus improving the mind's focus.
  • Hoary Puccoon – For conditions of constant fret, excessive compulsive worry or behavior, negative thoughts & recycling events & conversations... helps the mind release its addiction to over-analyzing & critical, self-defeating behaviors.


  • Lake Superior Storm – The Lake Superior Storm essence is especially beneficial for sensitive children who become reactive to too much activity or stimulating influences in their environment. In such situations, an inability to concentrate or settle down, headaches or stomachaches may result. The essence helps to release accumulated energy, allowing the child to return to a calm, centered state.
  • Lupine – The Lupine essence supports the child who is having difficulty centering on tasks. The essence supports organization, sequencing and succession. It helps the child cheerfully work away at a task, righting dysfunction and bringing all things, including self, to order.
  • October Pear – Helps one to stay focused with one's time and actions... assists one in overcoming self-defeating behaviors.
  • Prickly Pear – Loss of faith... a sense of giving up and extreme tiredness are indications for this essence.
  • Purple Coneflower – Helps to heal those with bitter, cynical, attacking, or parasitical dispositions... establishes roots that connect one to this Earth & link one to the whole.
  • Rabbit-brush – Helps one integrate the "Big Picture" and the little details of a project... for feelings of overwhelm & worry over big projects... helps one set blueprints for success.
  • Red Clover – The Red Clover Essence aids the overly mentally oriented child who craves facts and intellectual information. The essence helps to redistribute overly heady energy into the limbs, assisting the child to feel more grounded in his body and better connected to the Earth. It encourages the heart to open and the hands become more engaged in community based work and play.
  • Rose – Relaxes compulsive perfectionist impulses that can egg one on to do and redo.
  • Rue Anemone – Releases patterns that have put one in the position of attracting blame or disharmony.
  • September Strawberry – Blessing the heart, the September Strawberry essence offers children the grounding and courage necessary to speak their truth clearly, stand up for who they are and what they believe in, and face the challenge of doing new things.
  • Singing Sands – Unable to wake up; slow starts; weak incarnation; slow to motivate; dreamy; can't think clearly; unmotivated to do what one has loved doing in the past; cool, withdrawn, sad, sleepy; lost one's song, joy motivation.
  • Spotted Jewelweed – Activates energy when one is stuck and unable to move forward.
  • Sugar Maple – The Sugar Maple essence supports the child who burns up all her energy in the first 10 minutes of a 30-minute walk. It helps the child learn to work with schedules, pacing, rhythm and an honoring of play, work, rest and creation.
  • Tansy – Instills respect for one's physical body & environment.
  • Thistle – Thistle essence is for the child who feels intimidated or powerless against a person or entity that seems much larger or omnipotent, such as an older child who knows more, or the reading or math that seems inaccessible and intimidating.
  • Viburnum – The Viburnum essence is especially helpful to C-section children, as their auras tend to lack an intact protective field or good boundaries. These children are easily startled and tend to be reactive or unsettled. The essence also helps the very sensitive, often psychic child who needs more protection. And the essence helps those who come from situations of neglect or abuse where their protection has been broken down by harsh circumstances and the challenges of the physical world. Viburnum sets up clear boundaries in the child's auric field, helping them feel more grounded in their physical bodies and experience a greater sense of protection.
  • White Avens – The child in need of the White Avens essence is apt to feel intensely emotional during disagreements, threats, unrealistic demands or name calling that may escalate into physical acts or even self-destructive drama. The essence works as a stabilizer that helps the child feel inner support and trust, relaxing the emotional body to allow a freer flow of personal options and creative solutions to challenging situations or problems.
  • White Lilac – For helping those with a quiet, sensitive inner nature feel more socially confident.
  • White Water Lily – Offers those with a dreamy psychic nature a sense of protection & trust in the physical... helps one's physical, mental & spiritual ground on the Earth plane, into the here & now.
  • Wood Avens – The Wood Avens essence is perfect for the child who struggles with low self-esteem or has problems finding his or her place in the social world of the classroom.



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