Bird Energy

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Bird Energy

Aura Repair

Indications: Extremely helpful to energy workers in repairing the aura field.

Grand Island, Louisiana

Birds are highly evolved energy workers. To receive oneʼs wings is truly a sign of spiritual mastery. Birds in noisy urban areas use their song to restore balance to the erratic collage of sounds produced by neighboring humans and machines. Chaotic sound disrupts the sacred harmony and toning of the Earth. Song birds listen and then sing back, adjusting their song to fit the rhythm and the symphony of a restored vital life frequency.

Birds literally sing up the morning Sun, for it is the balancing of Earth energies that draws the Sunʼs rays into the plants and the soil at a life-sustaining, potent level. Birds are drawn to water areas of the Earth, where the electromagnetic frequencies are the strongest. Here they involve themselves with the highly advanced work of reweaving and strengthening the Earth Grid with their song and flight patterns.
Oil and mineral deposits are also frequently located at the intersections of highly powerful Earth Grid points. Sacred Waters, Healing Wells, Stone Circles, and Pyramids are clues that the ancients were also tuned into and honoring the Earthʼs natural grid lines and power points.
Here in the Louisiana Gulf, as the waters of the Great Mississippi feed continuously into the salty ocean, confluences of birds are in constant flight. Flying in the sideways-eight-shaped pattern of the infinity sign, they work to reweave the subtle energy field so that this water, as it moves from the North American continent into the Atlantic Ocean, holds memory of a protective and vital energy field, an energy field that is constantly absorbing and circulating the complex vibrational, and ever-adjusting, transmissions of life-information.

The Bird Energy essence is excellent for energy workers to both support your work in repairing the integrity of your clientʼs energy field and also help you clear and maintain your own energy auras after sessions.
This essence is helpful whenever there has been a trauma that has left the aura torn or disrupted. Bird Energy is highly intelligent… a little on your hands will guide you to the place where you need to work and help you to intuitively make the repairs needed.

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