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Birth Trauma

Indications: For healing from birth trauma at core levels and grounding to Earth, your body and your purpose.

Descending into the canyon, I feel the strength surrounding me and a sense of care as though in the belly of this powerful mother that holds and supports me perfectly, awaiting to awaken my senses to the awe of the Earth and human form.

The essence of Sipapu is a birthing essence that works with birth trauma at core levels. Supporting both your spiritual decision to incarnate and your right to be here, the essence grounds us in a profound way
to the Earth, to your body and to your purpose. It is not only possible but remarkably common. to live out most or even all of one’s incarnation on Earth and never really get here. Unhealed feelings of separation from Source are often traced to birth and a separation from your Earthly Mother. You long to come back and be held by those secure womb forces. The uterus, however, wisely pushes you forth, allowing you the opportunity to experience the world of senses, adventure, relationships and knowledge.
Your deepest feelings about yourself, your right to be here and whether or not you feel certain the Earth is a safe place to be may be hidden in a non-courageous life or lack of true self-confidence.
Ambivalence towards an incarnation usually indicates the activation of powerful patterns that will require courage and determination to navigate wisely or a highly sensitive soul that does not feel “at home”
with the cruder energies and personalities present on the Earth plane.

The Mother intuitively pushes forth the little one, and both bodies heave and contract, working together in perfect timing, allowing you to be aligned with the energies of the stars and planets that mark your birth
influencing your life patterns and directing your life possibilities.
The Sipapu essence allows you to rebirth your essence and your form, allowing you to enter the Earth plane through the birth canal of the Creator Mother, who brings forth creation perfectly and eternally.
Opening your channels to experience and challenge, you are offered the perceptions of the sense life, the strength of the heart forces and the cumulative wisdom of the passion of human will, allowing opportunity to flourish heroically.

 SIpapu is a Hopi word for a symbolic portal through which the first human ancestors emerged into the air and surface of Mother Earth. This place in Utah with one of the most expansive natural arched openings on Earth and the canyon below is known as Sipapu and is held sacred by the Hopi and Navajo as the actual portal through which the first ancestors passed.

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copyright © 2010 by Merri Walters Great Lakes Sacred Essences 

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