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Indications: Relaxes compulsive perfectionist impulses that can egg one on to do and redo.

 This fair Rose..... perfect in form, awesome in beauty, fragrant yet cultured..... is a breathtaking example of perfection in form. Its essence offers you an opportunity to work with your own issues around perfectionism. Perfect dress, perfect reports, perfect diet, perfect work habits.... all reflect a strong need to avoid criticism either of self or from others.

The Rose essence helps to remind you that you do not achieve perfection by what you do or how you present yourself but rather by the clarity of spirit that shines through your form.

The unrealistic demands of perfectionism can begin to harden your relationships as self standards begin to be applied to family and friends and your personality finds itself struggling to live up to self expectations. This struggle often only creates more striving and escalating criticism of self or others. As these patterns progress the soul must begin a process of restriction or face crisis in all areas.

Recognizing that you cannot control or be perfect in all aspects of everything, the soul begins to narrow its categories of what is acceptable. With the same harsh standards applied to self, what is overwhelming may become wrong, bad or ugly.

The perfect garden can only have trimmed and pedicured flower gardens or no flowers at all as you may not be able to keep this garden constantly presentable. Compliance, uniformity, constriction of spirit ultimately present a form that is not only struggling with an overly hardened masculine energy but also with an over-restrictive feminine.

The glorious Rose can be the blessing of relief that sets you free by helping you to understand at your core that beauty and perfection exist as an innate quality that Creator has established in you that you can neither improve upon nor damage,
and as you begin to embrace and embody this you can begin to relax and unfold your beauty and your talents gracefully, allowing the true perfection of your spiritual gifts to shine.

Commonly called ‘thorns,’ the sharp outgrowths of the epidermis on Roses are actually ‘prickles.’ Typically sickle-shaped hooks, they help the Rose hang onto other vegetation when growing over it.

The Rose is an ancient symbol of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite to the Greeks, Venus to the Romans.

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