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Tall Wormwood

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Tall Wormwood


Common names: Wormwood, Mugwort, Sagebrush, Absinthe, Common Wormwood, Green Ginger, Madderwort


Indications: Helps one to release the tiny daily struggles and emotional wounds that create such stress and heaviness in the heart... supports us in releasing patterns of repetitive illness.


The Wormwood plant grows tall from a flexible yet sturdy stem covered with thousands of tiny flowers that are like so many tiny bundles stored away. She holds her flowers tight, small, almost unseen.....
but their sheer numbers become her signature. 
The Wormwood flower essence asks you to identify your many bundles of unhealed emotion. 

Made on the north eastern shore of Lake Superior during a thunderstorm, the plants were whipped with strong winds and pelted by rain, causing the many Wormwood plants to bow their bundles low to the ground.

Carrying your burdens of emotional wounds, grievances, prejudices and angers creates a weight that can prove too much to carry under the duress of stressful situations. However well you have packaged the past and try to keep your focus to the future, there will come a time when your spiritual process will overtake you, and you will essentially have to spill the beans and confront and deal with the many open and ugly bundles at your feet. What may surprise you most is that all of the bundles contain essentially the same energy..... energy that you have been given the opportunity over and over again to work with and heal
but have instead socked it away.

The Wormwood essence gives us the opportunity to view your inner burdens collectively...... to understand more clearly and compassionately your lessons..... and ultimately to release the tiny daily struggles and grievances that continuously create such a bumpy surface. As you let go and accept the strength of forgiveness throughout your body and mind,  the plant essence can offer you the strength of a thousand blossoms and the grace of inner flexibility.


Tall Wormwood grows scattered among the beachgrass in the dunes of the Great Lakes. It is closely related to the sage of the western plains.

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