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(Galium aparine)

Common names: Bedstraw, Goosegrass, Catchweed, Stickyweed, Stickbud, Robin-run-the-hedge, Sticky Willy, Sticky willow, Sticky Jack, Grip Grass, Velcro get the picture!

Attachment, Bonding

Indications: Supports attachment and appropriate bonding, keeping relationships flowing and love strong.

I used to know a holistic practitioner who prescribed cleavers for everything. It is indeed very nutritious and can
be used for everything from cystitis to eczema. It is a blood cleanser and an immune booster as well as having
anti-tumor properties. The first day I found this herb in my garden, I was elated and began harvesting it yearly to
dry for tea. Now I have enough harvest for my neighborhood, but I still enjoy seeing this plant each Spring.


Cleavers has prickly stems which grow from two to six feet in length and stick or cleave to clothing. Its small white flowers produce those multiple tiny round burrs that can take an hour to pick out of your sweater or your pet’s fur.

As an essence, Cleavers supports attachment and appropriate bonding. We live in a time where many natural life processes and relationships are stressed by circumstances beyond our control.
Babies are born into dramatic and complex medical emergencies. Spouses are often required to experience job-related separations. Children become alienated from busy parents. The Cleavers essence teaches attachment. It helps the heart to reach out and hold on to the loving relationships in our lives. Cleavers brings new energy to the limbs so that they may hold and nurture..... as your heart reconnects and the tapestry of your relationships is rewoven, you are able to see its importance to your human experience. You begin to feel supported by your relationships as you give your love and support.

Cleavers essence then supports the recognition that these love bonds will hold on..... and be with us..... no matter where we have to travel or what stresses interfere with natural bonding instincts.....
for nurtured love lives on, and it is your desire and need to hold, to cherish and to cleave to each other for strength, love, and companionship on these rocky roads.

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