Yellow Paintbrush

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Yellow Paintbrush

(Castilleja Coccinea)

Common names: Indian Paintbrush, Western Yellow Paintbrush, Yellow Indian Paintbrush, Lemon Paintbrush, Yellow Prairie Paintbrush,Citron Paintbrush, Prairie Paintbrush, Prairie Indian

Body Temple

Indications: Helps those with a strong connection to the Spiritual world to better attune to the needs of their physical body.


Your body in right relationship is your servant, not your ego that believes it is the body. Many religions have taught strict practice to help you separate and tame the ego/body attachment.
Fasting, Sun-dancing, sweat lodges, deprival experiences are all important spiritual practices to help you come to a state of egoless spirit..... powerful, humble and at service to all. In your spiritual journey
it is not only important to come to the understanding that you are Spirit interconnected to All manifesting through your individual body but also to come into right relationship with your physical body, not to be loathed as ego but to be loved and nurtured as a servant of the Divine. The flower essence of Yellow Paintbrush aids those whose strong connection to spiritual practices or the Spiritual World needs to be better grounded into their physical body where you can become more aware of and responsive to the physical needs of your body. For it is through respect, love, care and gratitude for your physical form that you gain the spiritual vehicle that is the hardy and reliable servant able to manifest works of Spirit and physically embody the principles of Divine Love.

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