Yellowstone River

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Yellowstone River

(Lapide luteo fluvium)

Total Release/ Purification

Indication: Supports you in times of release when you are being asked or forced to let it all go for the purpose of higher evolution.

As human beings we tend to be hoarders, whether that means surrounding yourself with more positions than you could ever possibly need or holding onto ideas or emotional baggage that has long ago stopped serving you.

The Yellowstone River is the longest undammed River in the United States. Beginning on the slopes of Yount Mountain near the continental divide she courses through Yellowstone National Park as she spans over 692 miles through mountains and valleys of Wyoming and north into Montana and North Dakota.

The idea of letting a river run free has been long lost as dams control almost all of the major world rivers telling the water where to flow and how fast. Yet here, through the Paradise Valley in southern central Montana, the Yellowstone River runs free, flooding when she chooses to, and coursing round glacier topped mountains, never looking back, always moving forward with joyful abandon.

The Yellowstone Rivers wisdom is one of freedom. The freedom that comes from letting go of virtually everything, whatever you think you had or needed, she begs you to let it go now so you can move forward in abundance. Letting go of possessions doesn't necessarily mean that you have to give them all away. What it does mean is that you let go of your attachment to them. When you no longer feel attached to things you begin to feel a flow of real life energy and peace in ways that you can't when you are busy clinging to your stuff.

It's the same when we cling to ideas that no longer serve us or emotional baggage. If you continue to hang on to dysfunctional relationships, fears, old heartaches and anger you will never really be able to move ahead in your life and you will certainly never feel the clarity of true freedom.

The River moves through you like water coursing around river rocks, carrying away unneeded tension and pain, slowly rounding you out. She offers you the perpetual movement and purification of cold clear water. Water that moves with freedom and purpose ever forward, intentional and unattached.

The Yellowstone River begins on the slopes of Yount Peak in the Absaroka Range of Wyoming. It then flows through Yellowstone National Park, streaming in and out of Yellowstone Lake, and drops 422 feet into the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. The river runs out of the park in Gardiner, Montana, working its way eastward out of Montana and into North Dakota, where it eventually joins the Missouri River.


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