Star of Bethlehem

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Star of Bethlehem


Common names: Arabian flowers, Field Onions, Wonder Flowers, Dove's Dung, Star-of-Bethlehem

Healing Past Trauma

Indications: Assists in the remembering then the healing and releasing of episodes of trauma and uwounding from our past.

The flower essence of Star of Bethlehem assists you in the process of remembering and then healing and releasing episodes of trauma and wounding from your past.

In the remembering the essence helps to break up the hurt or anger that remains in the body and can be the origin for conditions of chronic pain, illness or depression..... as in some way the body physical continues to replay the script internally, hoping to remind the soul to take care of this and find resolution.

This flower shuts tight nightly, and even on a cloudy day its beautiful white star opens only after the Sun is bright upon it. So too the soul may hide its inner strife closed in the darkness of melancholy or pain.

Star of Bethlehem helps you to see clearer to the points of origin that hold your energies captive to the unresolved problems of your past. It promotes a gentle yet penetrating unconditional love to permeate and release the memory
into an arena of awareness and compassion where it can be actively addressed and released.

This flower essence is a great aid to many therapeutic processes and healing modalities as in the release of stored trauma the soul can access higher levels of healing in all areas.

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