Birthing Set

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Birthing Set

36 flower essences to support the birthing process

For mother & baby before, during, and after birth and for anyone in the process of birthing their dreams. 

Flower Essences Included:

  • Baby's Breath – Helps one to be patient and present in the moment. Promotes trust in the divine timing of the pregnancy, labor and birth. Raises the spirits of the mother to be in an overdue pregnancy helping her to open to a softer, more spacious perspective thus stimulating her labor.
  • Black Canyon Sage – Offers calming, peaceful, clearheaded judgement and gentle assurance to feelings of confusion, anxiety or fear. Supports one in feeling protected and guided in new or challenging situations.
  • Black Hills White Sage – This is a great remedy to use to clear the space for the birth purifying the delivery room or home of others negative energies, emotions or traumas creating a clean protected personal space for the sacred event of birth. Add a few drops to any cleansing water or solution before cleaning a room. Give a few drops to a mother who feels upset due to recent arguments, negative thoughts, or life traumas.
  • Cleavers – Very helpful when the infant is not latching on and nursing properly or when the mother is having difficulty bonding with the child due to the after effects of a traumatic birth or post-partum depression.
  • Corncockle – Restores pranic energy (life breath) to ease tired, depleted, worn-out conditions due to a long labor, breathing difficulties (mother or infant), or lack of rest as one adjusts ones schedule to the babies.
  • Fireweed – Vitalizes the energetic networks of the body aiding the release of pain, shock and trauma. Restorative to the mother who feels weak or burnt out. Encourages grounding and a calmer second wind during a long drawn out or stressful labor.
  • Hoary Puccoon – For conditions of constant fret, excessive compulsive worry or behavior, negative thoughts & recycling events & conversations... helps the mind release its addiction to over-analyzing & critical, self-defeating behaviors.
  • Jack Pine – Helps one let go of a preconceived agenda, trust in intuitive guidance and gracefully make adjustments in plans accordingly.
  • Jupiter~Full Moon – An excellent remedy to help during the birthing process to shift the mother from the pain and fear of the transition stage to the active pushing and birthing stage required to help the little one enter the Earth plane.
  • Leonid Showers – Helps one to stay in one's body and to passionately move through the birthing process in a grounded manor.
  • Lilac – A general remedy for many causes of stress that contribute to neck, shoulder or lower back tightness & overall nervous tension & stiffness.
  • Meadow Bright – For breaking familial patterns of dysfunction, addiction, abuse, self-sabotage, overly critical or severe behavior.
  • Monkshood – Helps to stabilize and calm the emotional body after exposure to frightening, shocking or embarrassing situations.
  • Montana Prairie – Benefits the mother who has had negative experiences in the past withe her pregnancies or labor and delivery. Helps to clear the past pattern from the subconscious.
  • Moss – Supports recovery & healing on all levels, releasing negative patterns & self-defeating habits as well as our need to be self-critical.
  • Motherwort – Eases the stress of over concern for another's welfare. Worrying about the baby, trying to take care of everyone else and ignoring self care and needed rest. Helps the mother to take care of herself.
  • Niagara Falls – Assists the mother when the birth is happening hard and fast. Supports the mother with strength and power helping her to stay in tune with the flow without being distracted by pain or carried away by emotions.
  • October Pear – Settles restless energy that is not staying on task with the labor or delivery. Helps to remind the mother that she is having a baby! and that doing that well is her first and foremost goal, not pain management, or whatever is taking her off task. Release the propensity to self sabotage oneself by focusing on negative thoughts or past mistakes and failures.


  • Orange Daylily – For over planning ones birth and delivery feeling that one has to be in control of all aspects of the birth. Having problems because one is not working with the baby on birth or with others in the delivery room. Massage around the jaw and shoulders of the mother to help her let go of her tensions and trust the birthing process and those that are there to help.
  • Pokeweed – Helpful for long or difficult births when one must keep on laboring with heart and will. Offers a sense of endurance and strength.
  • Prickly Pear – Loss of faith... a sense of giving up and extreme tiredness are indications for this essence.
  • Rainbow Falls – Helps to release one's fear & anxiety around challenging situations... gives one the courage & faith to transcend the "impossible."
  • Redbud – For putting our whole hearts into what we do, giving and receiving with open hearts & sharing the glory of human kindness.
  • Scorpionweed – Helps everyone involved in a challenging birth to be mentally grounded and to have a heightened sense of alertness to protect both the mother and child. Also helpful if given to mothers living in dangerous or challenging environments to become more aware and protective of both their own safety and their childs.
  • September Cherry – For subconscious fear around one's ability to see oneself as a competent mother. Helps a new mother to let go of maidenhood and embrace the power of motherhood with courage.
  • September Strawberry – For courage to stay in your heart and face the challenge of doing new things.
  • Sipapu – For healing from birth trauma at core levels & grounding to Earth our bodies and our purpose.
  • Spotted Jewelweed – Activates energy when one is stuck and unable to move forward. Helpful when labor has slowed or even stopped or to promote the next stage. Can encourage an overdue baby to motivate. Has been uesed on the hands of midwfes to help free stuck babies.
  • Spring Beauty – Works with feelings of impatience, intolerance and rage.
  • Sugar Maple – Helpful to the mother throughout pregnancy to balance diet activity, stress, and schedule. Encourages the mother to develop healthy routines that honor both the mothers own body and the mothers emerging role of caregiver. Good to help pace contractions during labor. Soothes and relaxes restless newborn with erratic schedule to come into tune with day and night and a peaceful metabolic harmony.
  • Trillium – Upholds the mother and incoming infant with feelings of protection and support in any environment unaffected by outside turmoil or medical emergency. Helps one to feel safe physically and psychically. Replaces vulnerable worried feelings with a deep sense of peace and inner strength. Feeling strong the mother can be present to do her best and birth with love.
  • Viburnum – Helps tone to feel safe and protected during the emotionally vulnerable process of labor and birth.
  • White Vervain – Especially helpful to younger mothers or those who live in non supportive or abusive environments. Strengthens the mother's innate ability to sense out harmful or compromising situations and keep herself and her baby safe.
  • White Water Lily – Helpful to place on the soles of the newborns feet to help the baby feel a sense of protection and trust in the physical and to aid the souls journey from the spiritual waters of the womb to the very physical mental and spiritual energies of Planet Earth Also aides the laboring mother who is out of body or having trouble staying with the very physical act of birthing.
  • Winter Pansy – Enhancing universal connections to the forces of light... expansive... releasing mental inflexibility & the ego's need to "know" or "figure out"... opens the mind to miracles.
  • Yellow Yarrow – Assists in shielding and protecting the vulnerable expanding subtle bodies of the mother and the delicate energy fields of the fetus and newborn during the natural expansion and softening of the auric field during pregnancy, birth and childhood. Especially beneficial when the life force is exposed to the potentially negative effects of technology, ultrasounds, cell towers, and air travel etc


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