Rosa Rugosa

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Rosa Rugosa

(Rosa rugosa Thunb)

Common names: Japanese Rose, Wild Rose, Beach R common names ose, Rose Rugosa, Turkestan Rose, Salt Spray Rose, Beach Tomato

Loss, Sadness, Depression

Indications: Works with the profound levels of emotion that permeate one's being after traumatic loss.

Rosa Rugosa

Loss of job, loss of physical ability due to illness or disease, loss of family or community through divorce, death, adoption or other displacement can create a deep and prevading sadness as something loved and remembered has changed with the currents of time, not to be experienced again. The penetrating sadness that can accompany such events may work itself into your innermost self, overwhelming you with deep internalized grief that colors... or uncolors... all aspects of experience with melancholy and soul pain. The Rosa Rugosa flower essence works with the profound levels of emotion that can permeate your being after traumatic loss.

The deep rosy magenta color of this wild rose helps to restore inner sanctity and vibrancy. to the conscious and subconscious memory, allowing you to view the bittersweet of your situation with honest compassion, helping healing energy to restore your heart space and sense of community worth.



As you come to Peace with that which feels forever lost, you begins to recognize that nothing is ever lost..... just in a state of transition as all life evolves from one form to the next. Once you have this understanding at your core, you have the possibility to create new experience with love, joy and importance, generating new memory grace your consciousness with happiness and health.

Formally named for the wrinkled (rugose) leaves, Rosa rugosa goes by many common names, including beach rose, saltspray rose, and (with its large, red rose hips) beach tomato.

With the color of the Heart
And the perfume of Mother Mary
The rose blesses the soul.

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