Yellow Saxifrage

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Yellow Saxifrage


Common names: Stone Breaker, Iowa Golden Saxifrage, Lake Michigan Saxifrage

Victim Of Abuse, Victimhood

Indications: Offers help for those who have been victim to acts of abuse, abandonment or violence.

On the western shore of Lake Michigan, growing along the marshy rock shoreline of Door County, this Yellow Saxifrage lies outside of its normal more-western range. Its essence addresses issues of abuse, abandonment and violence.
As a victim of acts of rage or negligence, the bruising of the psyche and the battering of spirit leave imprints long after the body physical has healed. The Yellow Saxifrage essence offers a balm that can help to release the real trauma at its roots and restore self worth and self trust. Acts of rage or violence from those you love or who are purported to be your caretakers create a confusion in the heart as it feels literally broken in its loyalties to the abuser and its need to be self protective. The essence can greatly aid therapeutic processes where the complexities of these issues ~ sometimes hidden from consciousness ~ must be addressed for complete recovery. The Yellow Saxifrage essence helps to restore a deep loving current of healing energy to the heart where it can radiate out ... like sunshine... touching, healing, warming and restorative.


‘Saxifrage’ derives from the Latin words Saxum (rock) and frango (to break),
and these plants thrive on planting their roots in the cracks and crevices of rocks.


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