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Ancestral Healing

Indications: Supports you in healing your relationship to your ancestry and your people's history & natural soil.


Comfrey is an old wise woman reaching out with healing hands to hold another baby born, to softly touch a young one’s cheek and offer up a story of wisdom and hope as gently her bells do ring. Comfrey has a long history with the Grandmothers. It is a gentle yet potent healer of bones, pains, and complaints.

Its essence supports you by healing your relationship with your own history, with your Grandmothers and Grandfathers, with the lands of your origins. Comfrey beckons you to heal the scars of past generations that continue to affect your relationships today.

This essence can support a rebonding intergenerationally within families as well as a healing with the Nature and the land that your ancestors lived on and were nurtured by.

Through history we have spiraled now to a point where the etheric scars of humankind’s reoccurring dark relationships are being seen and acknowledged in a revealingly clearer and clearer light. In recognition of the pattern of a spiral we must listen to the ancestral wisdom that only comes from alignment of the heart to receive the Grandmother’s stories and healing breath to bless us once again.

The Comfrey essence rings in a new age, an age of healing and respect for the history and Grandmothers who have cared for generation after generation with loving wise hands.

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