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Black Hills White Sage

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Black Hills White Sage

(Salvia apiana)

Common names: White Sage, Bee Sage, Sacred Sage, Sage


Indications: Helps one to purify dark emotions or unclean thoughts. Cleansing and protective to mind, body, emotions and personal space.

Purification requires that you are willing to release that which is the lower energy within you. Hurt, jealous or angry feelings, unclean thoughts, toxic metals or disease in the body, all contribute to your heaviness of feeling and sluggish negativity in your space.

In the Black Hills, in South Dakota, on land sacred to the Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne and other tribes, where rose quartz crystals surround the base of the trees and wild roses line the pathways, the White Sage is growing.
The White Sage flower essence offers a vibrational cleanse. Like the smudge smoke that curls and spreads, finding its way into the dark corners and the areas of oneʼs room that need to be cleansed, the White Sage essence taken internally will find its way to your lower energies and help you purify your mind, body and emotions. Cleansed you find yourself feeling lighter and clearer. Spray the flower essence to purify space.
The essence works to reestablish energetic boundaries that operate to protect you through purification and peaceful awareness.

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