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Fairy Lantern

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Fairy Lantern

(Sapornaria vaccaria)

Depression, Indecision

Common names: Cowcockle, Cowherb, Cow Basil, Cow Soapwort, prairie Carnation 

Indications: Helps restore trust in self and the Universe for those lost in obsessive worry, deep despair and paralysis in facing life decisions.


Fairy Lantern

The Fairy Lantern flowers dance abundant in the tall prairie grasses, their flowers offering a guiding light to those lost in darkness or of worry and despair, The essence of this beautiful flower can offer you support to help lift feeling of depression that has its roots in addiction, inner doubt, and feelings of failure.

Constant doubt, indecision, worry, and an inability to move forward cause a deep despair. The soul finds itself groping for direction and clarity. More than healthy hesitation for analysis of your life situation, the personality actually becomes paralyzed in facing life decisions. 


Instead of moving forward, it gets caught in a backward moving spiral, which can reactivate old patterns and regressive tendencies such as addiction.
Seeking advice and resolution may only seem to bring up more doubt and obsessive worry as darkness takes hold. You may envision life problems and decisions as insurmountable, and the more this backlog of untaken-care-of business mounts the harder moving forward appears, increasing your inner anxiety and worry.

Fairy Lantern essence works to light the internal lamps that help you to see clearer. It helps you to connect to internal guidance. It balances your solar plexus with your third eye chakra, restoring self-trust with the vision to project and plan for the future. Best of all, Fairy Lantern essence provides many lights, allowing you to view your life situation compassionately from many angles, opening your options and restoring self-trust.


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