Wood Betony

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Wood Betony

(Pendicularis canadensis)

Common names: Hedge Nettle, Betony, Bishopwort, Bishop Wort, Purple Betony, Common Hedgenettle, Woundwort, Brewton

Healing Time Out

Indications: Helps you to work with the cycles of your life in a balanced and respectful way.

The Wood Betony essence teaches the dance of spirals, the swirl of the Galaxy… A symbol of all that ever was and all that will ever come. The circle is forever. The cycle never ends. All are honored equally in the circle. This brings balance. We honor our ancestors. We honor the four directions. We honor the changing seasons. We honor day and night, male and female.

Wood Betony leads you to the center of the circle, to the sacred fire where you can sit in silent breath with yourself, where you are safely held by the blanket of the night sky, warmed by the fire’s glow. The Wood Betony essence calms your belly, grounds your nervous system and allows you the clarity to see into the mysteries of your being. It is in this deep quiet place that you will better be able to discern conflicts in your relationships and struggles around your sexuality. Sitting by the fire you can release your delusions and fears. Sitting by the inner fire you can see better ways to be with others. Sitting by the fire alone you can experience the peace to rise above your problems with grace. You become one with the Mother’s bright spirit of life and in-tune with Universal cosmic rhythm, breath and pulse. Out of the shadows you arise wise.
You walk the spiral out like the Moon becoming full, filled with deeper understanding, replenished by your release. Wood Betony essence is your amulet as you walk the sacred spiral… in and out… in and out.
Wood Betony flower essence offers protection for your process, the vortex that re-circulates your energies.

Wood Betony essence can be placed on chakra points to balance the energy flow, to recharge life flow… or used when your energies are caught in a counter-clockwise eddy, draining your vitality. As you walk the spiral out to the world of responsibility, relationship and action, Wood Betony essence keeps you feeling grounded, warm and mentally clear, able to re-enter the social world with new perspective, with calmer and more appropriate feelings, allowing you to breath out in harmony with All.

 Wood Betony is a member of the figwort family native to eastern North America and a source of Native American remedies. The name Betony comes from the Celtic where Bew ment head and ton meant good. A nervine it is used herbaly for headaches, menstrual pain and as a sedative. Wood Betony prefers open woods, thickets and along clearings. 

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