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Past Lives

Indications: Helpful in accessing information from dreams and past lives.

Selenite, named by Greeks for the Moon and meaning Moon Rock, is the transparent variety of gypsum.
Although soft enough to be scratched with a fingernail, Selenite is glassy in appearance and well-crystallized.


This is an essence that acts as a medium between the conscious and the subconscious mind, allowing greater access to the Library of the Soul (or Identity)..... a Library that contains every thought, feeling and action
expressed during the cumulative lives of the Soul. All inharmonious imprint or memory is held here, protected from your mind by the loving Angels in order to shield you from overwhelm. During the course of a normal life, 
this information is "leaked" to you at appropriate times in order that you may have the opportunity to face what you have feared and been challenged by in the past.

You may begin to see a past action or scenario imprinted on a present situation. This is meant to activate you towards resolution of this pattern, thus loosening the tension held around all previous similar scenarios.
The more tension there is around an issue, the harder it may be to see its connection to a greater pattern. This is where this essence is so helpful. It allows you a perfect access to appropriate information from your past.....
information that can bring you to a greater understanding of your present situation and then support you in making the appropriate changes to meet the challenges you are now facing and clear the books for the future.

Daily use of this remedy can help unlock the mysteries of your past as appropriate memory is gently restored. There is then the opportunity for healing as these past actions are held in a loving and compassionate space.

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