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Action & Reaction

Indications: Useful for over sensitivity and allergy. Teaches the value of action and reaction.

We are camped here on the north shore of Lake Superior with the family to once again pray with this Great Spirit, to come to know her more intimately.

On the north shore of Lake Superior there is a 100 mile stretch where multiple islands hug the coast line creating channels and protected waters. The islands have various names but are known collectively as Nirvana. The few people who inhabit these islands live without motors, electricity or modern convinces and claim that they have seceded from Canada and have created their own constitution and laws. Canada basically has ignored them and allowed them to live and do as they please.

This essence was made between Nirvana and the Lake Superiors North Shore. This area of the coast is intensely beautiful and alive. The Lake Spirit is in constant motion and interplay here. In this place you can watch the large Spirits of Nature in continuous conversation.....the Wind, the Sun, the Water, the Sky each reacting to every subtle movement of the other. Weather rolls across the Lake in an instant. In a ten minute period you can experience intense sun, gentle brezes, calm waters and blu cloudless skies.....Then, with a subtle calling from the Lake a cold wind arises.....the Sky becomes intensly dark with Rain Clouds.....the Waves are's pouring Rain and the Sun is creating golden shafts of Light reflecting through the Clouds and onto the Lake..... Continue to sit, the Waves get higher.....a dark Cloud passes sailing over the Lake.....but the Shore is bathed in Sunshine and a Rainbow arches over the Waters.

Nirvana essence teaches the value of action and reaction, of harmony of movement and how you can become more in sync with your environment and your relationships.  This is extremely beneficial to an allergic or oversensitive body that makes you feel like you are constantly vulnerable to situations beyond your control.

I have observed that babies and young children are great energy workers. They are always testing the waters around them as they "try out" action to see what the response will be of their power in the world. As adults we have forgotten this, that all of your action is causing reaction in the world around you. Nirvana essence helps you to reopen your powers of observation so that you can recognize the reflection of your will forces and there impact.

As you come to better understand your responsibility as a co-creator you can better unravel your reactions from seemingly external causes to find their points of origin within. Nirvana essence then helps you to begin to consider your reaction from a place of observation and deeper soul responsibility.

This essence also helps you to look more closely at your sense of reaction as it teaches you to more clearly perceive and adjust to the actions of others and the more subtle frequency changes in the natural world around you. Harmony is an ability to fluidly sway with the evolution of each moment, peacefully balancing your inner motion with outer stimuli. This makes this essence a good choice for those who are over-reactive to the external motion of their environment and over-influenced by the human dramas around them.

 The temperature is in the 90s here on the north shore of Lake Superior. It is early August and so dry the air has a smell that I attribute to the arid western states ~ a smell of dry cedar and earth dust. There is an almost invisible haze present. It is usually formed by Midwestern humidity, but now, instead, the moisture is being sucked out of our bodies and out of the Earth by the unrelenting Sun. Here in the Midwest we are used to being nurtured by the air and supported by this moist presence that pumps our pores with Mother Nature’s life-giving fluids. Usually, our skin feels held and comforted. The Lake, so full of cold, vibrant water, plays along the shoreline, lapping the scorched feet of the land.


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