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(Commelina communis)

Common names: Asiatic dayflower, Virginia dayflower, Commenlina, Whitemouth dayflower

Darker Side Of Self

Indications: When you present only the good aspects of yourself and are unable to acknowledge your darker side. Helpful when darker thoughts or emotions scare you or make you uncomfortable. Feeling unable to confront the more shadowy aspects of yourself or the world preferring to see only the good 



Dayflower is the essence for those who are naturally true-blue and good. It is very important for them to do the right thing and to be seen by others as being good and doing the right thing. Those who do not want to be noticed for their differences but rather seek approval for their compliance. They enjoy voices around them that commend them on their accomplishments, and they are very careful to present only the bright and shining aspects of themselves to parents, teachers, and friends.

Constantly presenting this sunny face to the public can create immense pain within, as your own darkness and dark experiences have nowhere to be voiced or compassionately listened to for acknowledgement and healing. This inner pain and darkness often works its way deeper and deeper into the body, where it can then manifest in conditions of chronic pain, inflammation, or tension.

It is common for a person in need of Dayflower to experiment throughout their life with a walk on the wild side, as the self attempts to escape its tiny box of allowable experience and play with some fire. Unfortunately, completely outside of their protected realm, the soul may place itself in real danger without the proper clarity for protection. These persons make the perfect victims. Their lack of skill in dealing with the dark and their need for approval often lead them to their predators, who may have a lifetime of experience as manipulators and can easily spot prey.

This experience of victim goes much deeper than this as the personality meets with shame and embarrassment its own responsibility in the situation and the normal reaction of rage is suppressed into the body and psyche, where it painfully resides and grows. Dayflower essence helps you to  unconditionally love and accept the essence of your being and assists you in releasing your fears of the darker or more mysterious parts of yourself and of your culture. As you learn to hold yourself and your actions in this place of unconditional acceptance and love, you can begin to evaluate experience from a place of self-wisdom and compassion, truly aiding your growth and healing your pain.

A native of Asia, the Dayflower has naturalized throughout the Eastern and Mid-Western parts of North America. The flowers last for only one day unless cloudy skies or a shady setting extends the bloom. The flowers have two larger upper petals of a deep-sky blue and a third smaller, almost unnoticeable, lower petal of white.

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