Spring Beauty

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Spring Beauty

(Claytonia virginica)

Common names: Eastern Spring beauty, Grass flower, Fairy Spud, Virginia Spring Beauty, Carolina Spring Beauty, Spring Beauty Bee

Impatience, Rage

Indications: Works with feelings of impatience, intolerance and rage.


Delicate in soft shades of pastel pink and white, Spring Beauty carpets the early Spring forest floor, gracefully broadcasting Winter's end and the beginning of Nature's season of renewal. The flower essence of Spring Beauty works with pent up feelings of impatience, intolerance and rage.These emotions may have their roots in a preoccupation with your worries and stresses that do not allow your mind to be truly present in conversations and relationships..... as your mind continues to lock your emotions, obsessively holding on to offenses, hurt feelings and the inequities of the past.

This flower essence can be ultra balancing to women who experience the radical emotional imbalances of PMS, pregnancy or menopause..... when your fire energy may loom out of control and feel untamable.

The essence also supports both men and women whose learned patterns and inner nervousness meet stress and small troubles and inconveniencies of the day spitting the fire that not only burns others but scald your own heart,
deepening the pain of old offenses.

The image of licking your wounds while hissing at anyone who comes near is an animal characteristic that can be soothed by the teaching of this mild delicate flower. Its essence helps to restore grace and trust as a gentle gift from the Plant Kingdom.

Spring Beauty essence helps to balance the firey passionate emotions of the lower chakras with the reasonable reflective and more spiritualized capacities of the crown and third eye chakras. And as the energy between these centers flows more harmoniously you can feel calmer, more supported and patient..... allowing for good, fresh and sweet exchanges of communication, encouraging new and spontaneous solutions and loving relationships.

  Native to eastern North America, Spring Beauty is found in moist woodlands and riparian hardwood forests, on bluffs and in ravines. With tiny underground tubers, it is also known as “fairy spud”.

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