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(Chamaenerion agustifolium)

Common names: Great Willowherb, Rosebay Willowherb

Burnt Out

Indications: Brings its healing essence to those who are feeling stressed or burned out from life trials & emotional challenges.

North of Lake Superior, the Ontario town of White Lake is surrounded by the endless blue of the region's pristine, cold clear lakes, contrasted by the deep green jack pine forests in various stages of growth. Forest fires have burned out vast areas of this country as part of Nature's healthy evolutionary cycles. It is here that the Fireweed- the first plant to emerge after a forest fire,  blooms abundantly, restoring the forest floor with its radiant magenta color, providing the rejuvenating energy required for cooling the fire template of the earth, healing its very energy field and providing the rejuvenating energy required for restoration and new beginnings. The fireweed that grows in this area brings its healing flower essence to you who are feeling stressed or burnt out from overwork, life trials and emotional challenges. 

The Fireweed flower essence is the rehabilitating balm that encourages the energetic network of the emotional body to heal after the fire energy of arguments or radical change such as a divorce or misfortune… embrocation for the physical burnout that can be experienced from overwork. The Fireweed essence, like an herbal healing salve, gifts you with emotional nutrients needed to replenish your energies while supporting new growth, releasing the traumatic fire template from your energy field. Ultimately, the Fireweed essence has the potential to help you to change life patterns that keep you caught in cycles of crash and burn, helping to teach you to use your fire forces more conservatively and appropriately.


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