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Self Care

Indications: For appropriate nurturing of the self and soothing the stress of worry that comes from over-concern for another's welfare.



Motherwort is a tall stately weed with a tough, reddish stem and maple-like leaves that hang from linear attachments to the stem. Light pinkish flowers form around the stem above each outcropping of leaves. The flowers transform into a seed burr, which catches easily to your pant legs or your dogs fur in late summer. As an herb, Motherwort has a relaxing effect. It strengthens the heart and and soothes stress and tension during pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

As a flower essence, Motherwort helps those whose natural tendencies are to need to "fix," cure, heal and mother others..... those who wake up at night remembering another thing they could have done in a situation and make a plan to add that to their agenda tomorrow.

Motherwort takes this amazing maternal love and energy and refocus it internally, reminding you as the healer that you do can affect the lives of others in the profound ways that you are striving for if you are malnourished yourself internally. Motherwort recenters the deep caring energies of your heart to take care of yourself, magnifying these energies while releasing your ego's need to "be" the healer.

Motherwort soothes the stress of worry that comes from over-concern for another's welfare. It helps one to separate from the role of caregiver enough to gain perspective and from this place of neutrality understand your greater calling. As this great and powerful mothering energy is freed up, it can be used appropriately to nurture yourself and then from this place of internal wholeness offer compassionate care and nurturing, all the while trusting in the integrity of the individual spirit you are caring for to find and maintain his or her own wholeness.

 Motherwort, or “mother’s herb”, originated in Central Asia and now grows throughout the world. 
It is thought to have become a global traveler because of its use as an herbal remedy.

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