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(citrus x paradisi)

Clear Thinking

Indications: For releasing the body's surface tension and thus improving the mind's focus.


Grapefruit blossom flower essence is very physical in its action. It works with the subtle bodies surrounding and closest to your physical body. In the holding and adjusting of these frequencies the physical body has the opportunity to release its tensions and allow its energies to flow more efficiently and peacefully. As the surface of your body becomes less tense you can reconnect with internal energy sources which can in turn replenish physical strength.

Perhaps its most profound action then begins to be appreciated in the mind, as surface tension is released and the cranial plates are gently realigned. The ability to receive expansive thoughts can be greatly enhanced
as well as an improved ability to focus and remain positive and life affirming.


The grapefruit is a sun fruit growing wild in Florida’s scrub forests. Its tree can tower 25-30 feet.
Its wild fruit is the same sweet and sour as you are used to on your breakfast table.
The fruit is large and yellow with a smooth and slightly reflective skin.


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