White Water Lily

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White Water

(Nymphaea odorata)

Common names: American White Water-lily, Fragrant White Water-lily, Sweet-scented White Water-lily, Sweet -scented Water-lily, Beaver Root

Grounding for Sensitives

Indications: Offers those with a dreamy psychic nature a sense of protection and trust in the physical... helps one's physical, mental and spiritual ground on the Earth plane, into the here and now.

Afloat on a sea of tranquility, the Water Lilies dance gracefully to the gentle morning movements of this cold clear Ontario lake. Born to float, they remain connected to the Earth Mother through a long root that acts as an umbilical cord pumping essential nutrients and the intelligence of Source…affectionately linking Her pretty, drifting babies to the Protection and Care of Her Loving Womb.

The essence of the White Water Lily nurtures a connection between your sense of your physical body with your spiritual and mental bodies in a grounded and present manor, encouraging a stronger physical presence for those who are apt to be dreamy and ungrounded. Often more comfortable in other spiritual dimensions, they may be highly attracted to books, alone time, or spiritual practices that allow their gentle nature to check out gracefully…unable or unwilling to access their often-immense spiritual wealth and ability and embody this energy here on Earth. This Fear or Disconnect from the Physical may be the result of a painfully alienating experience in this life or another that has created core levels of Fear and Mistrust towards Physical Earth-Plane energies. While their sensitive and spiritual capacities may be highly advanced by Earth standards, their ability to access and share their nature can be stymied or almost completely under-developed.

The White Water Lily essence can work to treat your underlying fears by connecting your Mind-Body-Spirit with a foundational Trust that the Cosmology of the Universe and Its basic Laws and Principles can be activated on the Earth. Helping your sensitivities to feel more connected and at home here,the White Water Lily essence works to instill a sincere sense of Protection and Security in the solar plexus and heart chakras, connecting these energy centers to the flowing, creative material strength of the physical Earth, thus allowing your crown chakra to blossom radiantly. White Water Lily is an excellent essence to choose to tether you to the Earth-plane and your physical body during spiritual journeying or deep dream work. It can also be helpful to if you experience Body Shame or Body-Function Embarrassment, helping you to more fully inhabit all aspects of your human frame… opening the channels of Self-Love and Physical Acceptance needed to penetrate into all areas… allowing illumination of your Physical Being and connecting you to your own shining, perfect Spirit Self.

 Beautiful lake tucked into the Indian Reservation in northwestern Ontario near Sioux Narrows, Canada. The lake was almost entirely covered with white water lily in bloom… perhaps a thousand blossoms opened in the late morning Sun. It was a wonder to be invited amongst such a royal party of beauteous bobbing Lake Spirits. 

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