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Black Canyon Sage

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Black Canyon Sage

(Salvia lycioides)

Common names: Desert Sage, High Desert Sage, Canyon Sage

Anxiety, Panic

Indications: Helps one feel Divine protection while grounding one with an ability to connect to inner peace, guidance & clear, rational judgment in new or challenging situations.

Sage growing at cliff’s edge in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River in Colorado
Parts of the canyon walls are always in darkness, appearing black,
because they are so steep that light cannot reach them.

Black Canyon Sage
Both clearing and protective, the Black Canyon Sage essence offers calm, peaceful, clear headed judgment and gentle assurance to feelings of confusion, anxiety or sudden fright. Growing at the edge of one of the world’s most dramatic canyons, with a sheer drop off plunging over one-half mile into its dark shadowy bottom, the silvery green sage grows gracefully and calmly,
dangerously enjoying its canyon-edge view on this high desert mesa. Sage is used in ceremonies throughout the world as a purifier of negative energies, to define energetic boundaries and to create protected space. When you release the harm from a situation there is no longer anything to fear. The Black Canyon Sage essence helps to clear the negative energy that can interfere with your sacred space while positively influencing your ability to ground no matter what.

Anxiety and panic attacks are often energetically traced to an inability to protect your own auric boundaries against world fears. A sudden sense of panic, anxiety or rush of adrenaline unrelated to real trauma indicates both a lack of proper grounding and an invasion of negative thought forms due to an undefined or unprotected energy field.Black Canyon Sage offers first protection...

Protection that comes from clearing away that which is interfering… protection that then holds your space safe. Feeling clear and secure, you can reconnect with your body and then reconnect your body with the Earth Opening and purifying your breath or the pranic channels, Black Canyon Sage essence offers the inner peace necessary to make clear, rational, accurate decisions and to act appropriately and quickly if needed Being frightened by frightening situations – whether real or imagined --is no more helpful that worrying over your troubles. Black Canyon Sage helps you to stand in your power, to experience focused perspective, to have direct connection with Angelic protection and guidance. From this place of assurance and clarity, you may be sure that all is well.


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    Anxiety relief in a bottle

    Posted by Robert Salazar on Feb 12th 2021

    Generally carry this with me for any panic or general attacks and it calms me down quickly.