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Bee Balm

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Bee Balm

(Monarda didyma)

Common names: Oswego Tea, Bergamont, Horsemint, Indian's Plume, Low Balm, Mountain Mint, Monarda, Red Balm, Rose Balm, Scarlet Balm, American Bee Balm 

Body-Spirit Integration

Indications: Over ecstatic, unable to come down to earth, headaches or poor bodily processing of spiritual experiences.

The happy ecstatic Bee Balm, like a firecracker in July, burst open in showy exuberance, luring bees and butterflies to indulge, floating from flower to flower, in the morning sunshine of their Minnesota Prairie home.

The Bee Balm essence offers blessing and a clearer grounding in the practical physical nature of the Earth to overly ecstatic states produced by powerful spiritual experience. A feeling of being lost in the Divine and unable to come down to Earth and deal with practical or physical reality – like regular meals and sleep – are indications for the Beal Balm essence. 

The Bee Balm essence can also be used to help calm a child back into his body after overly exciting or dramatic experience, helping the child to more peacefully integrate the experience, allowing their nervous system to ground and connect with the even rhythmic beat of their heart and the expanding and contracting pause of their breath.

 Helping you to reestablish nervous system equilibrium after intense head pain or nervous system stress due to poor bodily processing of the spiritual energy, the Bee Balm essence can help your physical body to better recognize and channel powerful spiritual experience onto the Earth plane with intention, precision and care, balancing your physical body capacity with the experience.

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