White Vervain

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White Vervain

(Verbena urticifolia)

Common names: Simpler"s Joy, Holy Herb, Mosquito Plant, Wild Hyssop, American Vervain

Safety & Awareness

Indications: Helps keep you aware of your surroundings and stay safe.

The very act of living can sometimes leave you feeling beat up, resigned to your problems, and unclear of how to proceed other than learning to just take it. In your sincere efforts to do the right thing you may find yourself taken out by situations beyond your control that can activate old patterns of struggle, chronic tension or pain.
Vervain essence strengthens your nervous system, especially when it has been drained or depleted by stress and an unbalanced emotional body. Vervain helps you to extend the feelers necessary to keep you aware of your surroundings and to stay safe. It helps you to detect and leave unpleasant situations before your physical, emotional, or spiritual health is endangered.
Vervain essence helps you to restore your nervous and sensory systems to a graceful, quieted state, which helps you to remain clear and connected, held in a balanced and supported manner.

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