Squirrel Corn

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Squirrel Corn

(Dicentra Canadensis)

Common names: Bleeding heart, Close relative to Dutchman's Breeches


Healing Heart

Indications: Helps to restore expressiveness and full giving through the heart by healing the grief and pain held in the heart's memory.


Squirrel Corn
The essence of Squirrel Corn is an essence for the heart. It helps to restore full giving through the heart by releasing the grief and pain stored in the hearts memory. Life force and sensitivities cannot flow at their ultimate strength when the heart forces are holding onto painful memory. Yet in your prayers to release the traumas of your past you often run head to head with your ego, who stubbornly refuses to release the memories, as though your identity would dissolve without them. 

Squirrel Corn is a white heart-shaped flower that bows low to the Earth. It grows in community with a gentle graceful presence. Its essence teaches your heart that it can release the pain while retaining the lessons of observation it has learned from the experience. Once this awareness is in place, your ego can let go and allow the heart forces to flow as the sanctity of this center is restored..

 Squirrel Corn is a Spring-flowering woodland plant with heart-shaped flowers and corn-like seeds or nodules at its base. 

These seeds or nodules are corn-like in form, not color, showing (rather than yellow) a touch of lavender.

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