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(Trillium grandiflorum)

Common names: White trillium, Large -flowered trillium, Great white trillium, White wake-robin, Trille blanc, Birthroot, Death flower, Showy wake-robin, Trillium sessile toad, Stinking Benjamin, Beth Root, Toadshade

Psychic & Physical Protection

Indications: Protection from physical or psychic attack.


Opening the doors of inner consciousness can place your physical body in an unprotected state. The Trillium flower essence serves those sensitives who find themselves vulnerable to attack.
These attacks may be experienced physically, emotionally, or mentally. The clue is that the attacks seem to come on violently fast, seemingly out of nowhere, and they are rarely the result of cause and effect, as they are rarely deserved. The attacks can be seen as dark energy specifically targeted at those on missions of healing and love. The trouble is that the more you open yourself up and devote yourself to service, the more you may find yourself derailed by random and confusing attacks that keep you distracted from your mission or what you came here to do.

Spiritual psychic energy can be hard to understand. Observing subtle movement of dust particles floating on a draft of air through a sunny bedroom window, one can begin to understand the movement of the invisible. Every motion of thoughtwave, prayer or risk causes reaction or communication all around it.

The Trillium flower speaks with the power of three’s..... 3 petals supported by 3 large leaves with 3 larger leaves below. Working with three’s one can form the triangle ~ the strongest of all geometric forms ~ the ancient pyramid, the modern geodesic dome.
3..... the Holy Trinity
3..... the Sun the Moon the Earth
3..... man, woman, child
In holy union the third is created. Life, procreation, strength.



 The Trillium flower essence brings the strength of three as a protective shield to deflect psychic attack while it works to create more psychic clarity within this framework of three. 

As vulnerability is replaced by stability a radical ability to move forward and accomplish altruistic missions unchallenged is accomplished.

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