Jupiter - Full Moon

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Jupiter - Full Moon

Encourages trust & courage to embark on important projects & follow one’s heart-dreams 

The mighty Jupiter (visible without magnification in the upper right-hand corner), drawing close to Earth, is companion to the Full Moon in a partially clouded night sky. 

Being this close to Jupiter on a Full Moon is indeed an experience of fullness.The round Moon pushed by the expansive Jupiter seems somehow larger and more potent.The Jupiter - Full Moon essence helps to open the radiant capacities of your heart to transcend the gates of doubt and limiting self-judgment in order that you may truly receive Divine thought and live heart-felt, fluent vision.


This is a birthing essence, it is the perfect essence to use if you are wanting to start a new project or put yourself out there but are holding back because you are worried or even terrified around issues of expansion and exposure. It aids sensitives who are reticent to fully enter the ebb and flow of the passion required to embody one’s heart-dreams 

Aspiration, ambition and life purpose are supported by the balanced male-female expression of the Jupiter - Full Moon essence. The gentle, supportive pressure of Jupiter and the fluid, reflectivity of Moonglow work to create the subtle body of support needed to aid one in transcending physical world fears and phobias, enabling a power to give birth to projects of the heart as well as the energy needed to sustain and nurture your hearts project through all stages of development and actualization in the world.

This is an excellent remedy to help during the birthing process to shift the mother from the pain and fear of the transition stage to the active pushing and birthing stage required to help the little one enter the Earth plane. Also valuable during the transition stage of death, helping the soul to access the trust and the courage required to release the physical and to birth into the Peace of one's Light body. As in all birthing processes, one must learn to anchor bravery and faith into the physical.

  The Jupiter Full Moon essence acts as an energetic foundation, forming the confident super-structure of supportive flowing energy that floods the heart chakra with radiant, healing light. This essence teaches capacity and an ability to handle many and various tasks, emotions and directions with fluid grace and non-reactivity.

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