Sugar Maple

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Sugar Maple


Indications: Helps one to work with cycles and to learn to pace one's activities in a healthier manner, helping to resotre creative, procreative and sexual energy.

Sugar Maple


The Sugar Maple essence helps you to tune into and be present with the cycles of your life. The tree moves through the Seasons of abundant fertility in Spring, to the production of shade in Summer, to brilliant showy radiance after the first frost of Fall. November marks the beginning of a long Winter’s rest. With thaws in February and March, the tree sends up the sweet sap from which maple syrup is made.

The Sugar Maple essence can be helpful to you if you allow mental stress, overwork, and worry to cause exhaustion in your life. Your creative, procreative or sexual energy may be totally depleted, as so much of your energies are being drained in this daily battle with the hardships and responsibilities of life.

The Sugar Maple essence teaches pacing and abundance. It teaches you how to get more in tune with the seasons and rhythms of your life and the world around you, allowing you to be carried into action by the forces already present and to learn to honor rest and fun as well as production.

The Sugar Maple tree’s yellow green flowers and leaves joyfully explode each Spring after a week or two of warm weatherThe Sugar Maple essence teaches pacing and abundance.

The Sugar Maple abundantly offers in all Seasons. The tree’s yellow green flowers and leaves joyfully explode each Spring after a week or two of warm weather. In Summer the dark green leaves are large and abundant, offering both pleasant shade and healing green to the landscape. The tree’s seeds like small helicopters spin to the ground, insuring many babies throughout the forest.In the Fall this tree is arguably one of the prettiest, as its leaves change after the first frost to orange, gold, red and beautiful combinations of each. But it is in the late Winter that the barren tree flows copiously forth with the sweet sap that we boil into maple syrup or sugar.

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