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(Cercis canadensis)

common names: Eastern redbud, weavers shuttle, Judas tree,


Indications: For putting your whole hearts into what you do, giving and receiving with open heart and sharing the glory of human kindness.

The Springtime mountains of Kentucky and Virginia can have so many blossoming Redbud trees that they glow with a lavender hue.The Redbud essence serves to open the channels between Heart and Voice, helping you to speak your Love, express your Concern, and gracefully communicate the great Love of Spirit as a continual stream flowing through you. This flower essence is especially indicated for you who withhold the words of your heart and only half-heatedly engage with others and in the communities of your life. You may feel that a stronger commitment may betray other relationships or obligate you in ways you are not comfortable with. This often occurs in dual households where the child feels that he must choose loyalties between parents, step-parents and/or siblings.

As the energy of your heart gets more and more repressed by not having a voice, your relationships begin to feel more stressful and disconnected and it becomes harder to be fully present and engaged.

The Redbud is a sturdy graceful tree that grows natively in the valleys of Appalachia. One of the first blossoming trees of Spring, it buds a fuchsia lavender from its thin branches. Its graceful presence teaches your heart how to begin to communicate your feelings and to take a more committed and engaged role in your relationships by releasing your fear of over-exposure to loved ones and the vulnerability that entails. Its essence helps you to learn to trust that as you open up tender vulnerable heart space to family and community the flow from others can enter within..... embracing, supporting, and creating truly meaningful relationships to everyone’s benefit.

The remedy is also beneficial in long-term relationships that may have been very close at one time but now as partners you have grown apart or to parents and children who have become alienated over time. Because of this too many words have not been spoken, feelings may have been hurt and it feels too wide a gap to bridge in the silence.


 In the distance, the slightly branched tree has a graceful and lightly floating balance to the emerging flowers and purplish buds.

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