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October Pear

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October Pear

(Pyrus calleryana)

Common names: Pear, 

Pear Blossoms October 13, 2005

Keeping On Task

Indications: Helps one to stay focused with one's time and actions... assists one in overcoming self-defeating behaviors.


This flower essence brings support when you need to re-examine your priorities and center all your energies on achieving a clear goal. In your active days there are many tasks that seem to call out for your immediate attention and a myriad of responsibilities that take your time and life energy. Without a clear plan to achieve truly important objectives and the self discipline to stay on task it is possible to find yourself floundering, backtracking and lost in unimportant detail.

October Pear essence reminds you to keep first things first and to stay focused with your time and actions. The flower essence also helps to address deeply repressed emotions that hold you in patterns of failure and self sabotage because of an underlying belief that you do not deserve sucess and fulfillment because, ultimately, you are not worthy.

October Pear essence helps to release the conditioning and the personal wounds that keep you locked into self defeating behaviors. As you peel off the layers of self doubt and fear of actualization you can refocus on your goals, devoting yourself to clear plans that efficiently direct your energies to achieve success.

 Pears are Spring-flowering trees tending to flower about the same time or earlier in Spring than Apples. So it was a surprise to find these three Pear Tree budding out and flowering in October in Michigan along with their ripening fruit!  Pear Trees, generally less gnarled and more upright than Apple Trees, may live 100 years or more. They can reach heights of 50 feet, though pruning often keeps them no taller than 10 to 20 feet. With more than 5,000 Pear cultivars listed by Europeans, the ‘Bartlett’ has been identified by some as the most widely grown Pear in the world. Pear Blossoms, though low in sugar, are abundant in pollen highly attractive to bees. As cross-pollination is very helpful in setting the fruit, having honey bees in the neighborhood is a boon to Pear orchards.


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