Rainbow Falls

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Rainbow Falls

Move Quickly/ Emergency

Indications: For situations of emergency, risk or confrontation. Helps to release the fear & anxiety around challenging situations supporting your courage & faith to transcend the "impossible."

 This is the flower essence to use when you are challenged to move quickly and to integrate multiple levels of energy together.  The falls help you to move with strength and fluidity while balancing your actions with integrity and power. This is helpful in situations of emergency when you need to make quick clear decisions and more than that, you need to maintain a level of confidence and the faith that you are doing the right thing,  you need to trust that you are being guided and that everything will turn out well.  

The essence works to enhance your ability to focus the charged moving forces of the challenge with accuracy and an abundance of energy.  You may literally need to plunge into the depths of the situation so you must keep a clear head and feel an ever-present sense of protection, divine guidance, and support. 

Rainbow Falls flower essence supports your ability to release any resistance to the flow of life force, to total and complete immersion into the life waters of creation, to let go of distraction and doubt while encouraging your ability to move with these strong forces of the elements with timing, precision, and balance. In such situations you must not slip, you must not lose your connection, you must stay present with the challenge. 


Rainbow Falls is named for the beautiful rainbows the rushing waters often give rise to in a quarter-mile cascade over a series of ledges dropping 10-20 feet in service as rocky steps for the waters journey down from Whitesand Lake to the Whitesand River in Rainbow Falls Provincial Park east of Rossport, Thunder Bay county, Ontario. This photograph, taken not when Rainbow Falls essence was made but rather in a subsequent, near-drought Summer, reveals the sharp, granite bedrock lining the floor and sides of the Falls. The  rushing water was double or triple this volume the summer I ventured onto the falls to capture the energy of this powerfull essence.

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