Meadow Bright

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Meadow Bright

(Caltha leptosepala)

Common names: Marsh Marigold, white Marsh Marigold, Twinflowered, Marsh Marigold Broadleafed, Elk-lip, Cowslip, Cowflock, Kingcup

Healing Family Patterns

Indications: For breaking familial patterns of dysfunction, addiction, abuse, self-sabotage, overly critical or severe behavior.

The essence of Meadow Bright was made on a glacial summit south of Rocky Mountain National Park. The climb to the glacier had been a long one, bringing us to an altitude of about 12,000 feet. We emerged from the trees, climbed the boulders and steep verticals that would bring us to a greeting of rushing waterfalls, sparkling springs and the faces of a multitude of joyfully dancing wildflowers. Their many bright colors contrasted against the azure blue sky and the truly vibrant green of the Alpine grasses. The forenoon Sun ~ so much nearer at these altitudes ~ shone brilliantly, begging the hikers to lay down and bask in the radiant beauty of Sacred Place, deeply breathing in the cold, highly charged mountain air.

Your expressions, your responses to stress, the way you hold your body and the way you feel and interact with others is highly influenced by your Family Patterns that have been passed on from generation to generation. Many of your problems and dysfunctional modes of behavior have their origins in the unresolved issues of your Ancestors.

You are, to some degree, recycling through your own life the transgressions and tragedies of your Ancestors’ lives. Dysfunctional Family Patterns locked in your physical, emotional and mental bodies can cause you to act out of deeply subconscious impulses, as though they are ingrained in your personality. These Patterns were inherited from your parents, who inherited them from their parents, and so on and so on.

While you are still in your mother’s womb and for the first months of your life, you believe that you are your mother. Unable to separate her feelings from your own, during those crucial months you absorb her feelings without having an understanding of them or a clear way to resolve her problems.

The way your caretakers act, how they express their emotions, how they feel towards you and how you are treated by them deeply affect your beliefs about yourself and about how you should behave in the world.

Your abilitiy to trust self-capabilities, inner feelings, and the grace of situations reflect what you have learned, affecting the way you will behave in your own relationships with others.

Dysfunctional family expressions ~ such as Addiction, Abuse, Poverty or Stoic Silence ~ often have a long and repeating history going back many, many generations to a time when the Ancestor was subject to some severe trauma or extreme strife. As a reaction to the predicament, the children may have been taught to behave in a certain way to keep the family or child safe in a cruel environment.

Cultural influences, Religion, Pandemics, Wars and Natural Disasters experienced by your Ancestors have handed down a lineage that is not only remembered in your DNA but actualized in your Emotions, Reactions and Thoughts.

The Meadow Bright abundantly growing by the clarity of this glacial lake on this Rocky Mountain summit blesses you with an essence to help with the healing and the releasing of the Dysfunctional Pattern ~ the veritable “Sins of the Father” ~ that continue to haunt your Thoughts, your Emotions, your Relationships and your very Experience of Life in this world.

Creating a stronger flow between the heart and the solar plexus, the Meadow Bright essence helps you to release layer after layer of subconscious patterning… freeing the Past to the Past… helping to release the self-defeating conditioning that can perpetuate addictive, abusive or self-sabotaging behaviors.

As this negative, stagnant, stand-in-the-way energy clears from your own energy field, healing and resolution is offered… as the essence emits a strong flow of grounding, healing Light, awakening new Potential, new Thoughts and new Love-based ways of Expression… truly offering Honor and Healing to both your Ancestors and yourself… and finally freeing your energies to experience a world of Health, Wealth, Energy, Love and Goodness as the Creator most truly intended.

 White blossoming Meadow Bright, also known as Elkslip or Marsh Marigold, is a North American cousin to the yellow-blossoming Caltha palustris, which is also called Marsh Marigold. Neither is a true Marigold. That name derives from church festivals in the Middle Ages designating Caltha palustris as one of the flowers devoted to the Virgin Mary.

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