Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls

Wisdom, Power

Indications: Helps abundance flow forth in strength and power, assisting in staying with the flow without being carried away by emotions.

Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls essence helps to restore your strength and power by concentrating the wisdom of your cumulative lessons and activating the great love within you to pour forth abundantly.

The Falls flowing from an East and South direction faces the Northwest, moving phenomenal amounts of water in extraordinary beauty.The Falls offers an archetype for energy, power and abundance beyond our wildest imagination.

This essence asks you to plan ahead while heeding the teachings of your past and to get moving to produce enough flow for abundance.

If you have been stagnating or leaking your energy on worry, this essence can help to teach you that it is only by giving abundantly that you will open the channels to abundance in your life. You learn here that there is no security in hoarding and that you will never realize your destiny until you surrender your trust completely to the possibility of becoming a vessel for ultimate power flow.

This amount of power can only be channeled through the heart. Niagara Falls is interestingly shaped like a large heart and the tourist industry here was first built around honeymooners.

This essence also calms the urge to let your heart run away with you, it helps you to stabilize the intensity of strong ungrounded emotions so that you are not carried away in turbulence, underground by the force of your emotion and unable to see the impact of your actions on those around you.The Falls essence helps you to work with strong, rushing out-of-control emotions such as panic or rushing into trouble.

The essence helps to bring these emotions back into the flow where they will be supported as you surrender to movement and release your control to forces beyond your control.

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