September Strawberry

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September Strawberry

(Fragaria x ananassa)


Indications: For the courage to stay in your heart when facing challenge.

September Strawberry
September 29, 2003

To have a sensitive heart and to follow a high path that differs from the norm is indeed often painful and sometimes even dangerous. We live in a time of packaging and marketing, of uniform products and public image. It is easy to feel lost, frightened, or abandoned when your own beliefs are questioned in this context and challenged by the status quo in all its forms and packages.

Your connection to your own inner knowing, your positive connection with the Light and Life Force,
is not a tangible thing. And if it is truly in a state of balance, it must flow and change and carry you to many new vistas and oceans of possibilities.

If you stand on the pedestal of knowing you must also know that you will not be there long, as you will soon be swept away to new challenges with both valleys and vistas. Such is the place where you are. This Earth is a schooling for your soul, it is a place to temper, hone, and be blessed.

This September Strawberry blesses your heart and offers you courage. It is for you who are here to do new things as it will strengthen your knowing when you are challenged. It encourages a deeper grounding,  a clearer understanding of who you are while connecting you to a network of fellow light workers.
It will help you to stay strong when you are confronted or challenged and to know that your defense will be provided and that your job is to maintain your grounding, to stay in your heart, and to speak your truth clearly, without apology.

 Like the arrival of robins, the blossoms of this strawberry plant had served as harbingers of Spring. 

Out of season , in late September, the plant blossomed, adding a bright white radiance 
to the reds, oranges, and yellows of the Autumn leaves dancing to the ground down around it.

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