Georgian Bay Spring

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Georgian Bay Spring

(Georgian Lingua Fons)

Indication: Restored Willpower

For loss of innate will. When circumstance has caused you to "give away" your power. Helps to reignite the strength of your will to live, to thrive, and to be independent.

Water, springs forth out of the ground happily taking its course towards something greater. No one needs to “force” the will of a Spring! It moves forward confident in the path ahead.

From the beginning of time human will has been one of the great mysteries of the universe. Tied to your ego she stands ready to survive whatever forces the physical world throws at you. Mixed with adrenaline or compelling emotion people have been known to accomplish Superhuman actions and it seems that most folks are ready to bounce back from all the stresses and disappointments of daily life with some resolve.

It is however also common to have a diminished sense of self where the will forces are underdeveloped or lacking stamina. This is sometimes the result of a poorly incarnated spirit, but as is more often the case, a soul that has been domineered, bullied, or exposed to trauma or profound loss and his/her will forces become subdued or broken.

Traumatic experiences can leave you feeling weak or helpless and grief is a normal part of coping with a loss, but for some people, it can be far more serious. A person who is not dealing well with grief will most likely display some of the emotional symptoms associated with disassociation from their natural will forces.

It seems that you often do not know your strengths until you come face to face with your greatest weakness. It's also true that you do not become strong by winning but rather by meeting and overcoming your fears.

The Healing Power of Water has been known for millennia, humans have sought physical relief, emotional healing, and even spiritual renewal by immersing themselves in sacred waters.  In water you connect to your deepest self, to all others and to the eternal. Georgian Bay Spring essence helps you to reconnect with the well spring inside yourself, your own Divine essence that has unique gifts to offer and love to share.

It is not possible to go back and fix the episodes that caused your pain or shut you down. What is however certain is that you can heal and move forward with resolve and fortitude. When you understand that you are responsible for co-creating your destiny through self responsibility and action you can begin to create the reality that you want to see.

The Spring flows eternal. She does not judge or condemn. She simply offers her fresh life force to aid the alignment of human and will.

Georgian Bay
The Georgian Bay (French: Baie Georgienne) is a large bay of Lake Huron, located entirely within Ontario, Canada. The main body of the bay lies east of the Bruce Peninsula and Manitoulin Island. The Main Channel separates the Bruce Peninsula from Manitoulin Island and connects Georgian Bay to the rest of Lake Huron. The shores and waterways of the Georgian Bay are the traditional domain of the Anishinaabeg First Nations peoples to the north and Huron-Petun to the south.


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