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(Cichorium intybus)

Common names: Blue Daisy, Blue Sailors, Blue Weed, Coffeeweed, common Chicory, Cornflower, Hendibeh, Horseweed, Ragged Sailors, Succor, Wild Bachelor Buttons, Wild Endive, Witloof

Selfish/ Demanding

Indications: For redirecting needy, self-first disruptive behavior. Helps one to find recognition and fulfillment through community service.



Chicory is the essence that addresses being out of harmony with your community, thinking only of yourself and personal desires while exhibiting a lack of compassion for others’ feelings and predicaments. This self-first attitude precludes an ability to be of service and actually prevents you from receiving what you desire most ~ love and respect. The Chicory essence teaches self-fulfillment through personal service and devotion to others.

In redirecting intent and refocusing on a fundamentally higher mission ~ such as community service ~ the ego finds itself at last truly recognized and personal neediness is replaced by feelings of self honor and respect.

lso called Blue Sailors, Succory, and Coffeeweed, Chicory is an herb native to Mediterranean Europe. 
Introduced to the United States late in the 19th century, it grows wild in North America even along dry roadsides. 
Chicory’s white roots are baked, ground, and added to coffee 
as a filler and flavor enhancer, particularly in New Orleans.

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